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July 8th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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alright, We arrived in Lisbon in one piece...well somewhat as Bryce was lost and incomplete without a retro 80s Chicago Bulls hat. But I will tell baby birds this is unprecendented as I am typing around 4 am with one, "Teach me how to Dougie" Doug proofreading this, so if any mistakes occur it is completely on him. Anywho, we are safe in Lisbon as long as ┬┤Mack avoids streets with any cars in the street because he just walks across like any other gypsy. One James McCoy Haisten is by far the most American of us, which puts us to shame at times. As he escalates his voice and points indirectionally, we all feel less American. As I have stated before, Bryce,s rhetoric has saved us, mainly because no one speaks Portuguesue but they they understand espanol. The first tiempo (time in spaish) Bryce hopped into the Taxi drivers lap, ready and willing to do anything he asked as long as it was in spanish.

We arrived in Lisboa in good health and good spirits. The city has a feel to it like it febreeze scented clothes hang drying (free and easy but at the same time refreshing). Many things occurred on our very first night, mainly which entail amazing pictures from fantastic views of Lisbon. Once triple d (Doug) finds his camera cable we will be able to post these amazing pictures. For a transition, I was going to use For instance, but I feel like we are too good and to informal at this point for that so:

Friends, the first night, if Mack, Bryce, Doug and myself could classify it would be epic, before legendadry and self flying jet status. We met fantastic people from Florida State one of whom would love to rid the world of alzheimerrs (which I am all for, it is a terrible disease) and the others had ambitions that would most likely, blow your screen up. They wants to effect everyone from the steets, to the bathrooms, to the hostels.

Baby birds, there is no need to worry as on the second day in Portugal we became much more comfortable with the taxi system, well basically everthing. We will post pictures as we find USB cables on the ground. Mack, is still with us going strong like a young bull ready for a fight. Bryce is concentrated on one thing, to head butt someone, Doug is doing handstand pushups everywhere we go and I am just capturing it all.

What we have done and experienced in the past 48 hours does not fit into this blog. The Lisboa Castle and all that entails is almost an entry in itself. To be honest, we shoot bow and arrows at the guards and other tourists from the openings (thats what they were made for, we were just being true to their culture). As I bid you goodbye. I a, remembered of two famous quotes; You dont travel to escape life, you travel so life doesnt escape you. and Boats and Hoes.


10th July 2012

Triple D did a great job proofreading
Look forward to some pictures and screen blowing tales in the future

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