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November 8th 2019
Published: November 8th 2019
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If you are planning to go to Portugal, you are in for a treat as you will fall in love with it just like I did on my visit. I learned a lot about the local culture, language, cuisine, and people. My trip went pretty smooth but there were a few glitches as well owing to the fact that I did not research much before I stepped in Portugal hence I am sharing a few tips here based on my experience in Portugal that will help you plan a pleasant trip;

1. Before You Book Your Trip:

Avoid the busiest months of July and August as all the hotels will be booked and your travel will get really expensive. Traveling during off-season will help you save the budget as well as you will have a pleasant trip owing to the lesser crowd.

2. Regarding Local Currency:

It is preferable if you have local currency before you arrive as using the Euronet machine to withdraw euros will be expensive as they charge extortionate prices. You can use your international credit card but not every restaurant may accept that. If you bring local currency before traveling to Portugal, avoid bringing large bills as you will have to take them to a local bank to get equivalent smaller value notes.

3. About Eating Out:

I see many people complaining that the food is too expensive here, well it is not if you know the local customs. The breeds and olives that the waiter brings are not freebies hence if you do not want them, send them back politely. The menu will have the price of the food mentioned hence calculate the price before you order. Fresh seafood is quite famous here where they catch fresh fish and cook a meal for you hence the price may not be mentioned as it depends on the weight of the fish but you can ask the waiter an estimate beforehand to avoid any surprises. You can opt for a set menu with 2-3 courses for lunch with wine at a nominal price.

4. Things to Do:

It is worth checking out any local event as every town and city has some festival going on at some point during the year hence you can find more about nearby events when you visit such as music fest, food fest, film festival or sports event. If you are someone like me who likes to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, then you should not miss yoga retreat camp by www.yogaevolutionretreats.com as it is one of the best yoga camps I have ever been to. You obviously should visit all the museums and monumentson your itinerary but you need to research about them as a few offer free admission on Sunday mornings or you will find tourist discounts. But remember most of these monuments are closed on Monday hence check the internet for their timings before you visit.

Following the above tips is enough for you to have a pleasant time in this beautiful place. If I get a chance, I would love to visit Portugal again and I am sure you will also feel the same once you experience the essence of this stunning place.


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