Leaving Cold Blighty for Portugal

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February 23rd 2017
Published: February 9th 2021
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Well the time is almost upon us when we drive to Portsmouth load us all, and Harvey onto a Ferry and head across the Bay of Biscay, and before anyone says anything, we have most definitely been informed how rough this route can be! but it beats several days of driving through France before we drive south to Portugal, our final destination. As many of you will know the long term aim is to head off into Europe and with a good wind behind us visit and experience all that Europe has to offer, this is still some 2yrs away as I am still routed in West Somerset Council but we will be attempting to take some longer trips until then, so we start with a months long trip to Portugal. There is no firm plan, I am a great believer it is the journey not the destination that is important in travel so whilst I have been avidly reading the Portugal - Lonely Planet Book and pouring over the maps we will be guided by the weather


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