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September 14th 2008
Published: September 14th 2008
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Alcoutim is an inland town on with a 14th century Moorish fort and Spain is on the other side, across the Guardiana River. The countryside is very sparsely populated and there is not much of interest around here -- but it was a nice drive and the town is pretty. We visited the fort and walked through the narrow. cobbled streets in this little hill town. We were looking for somewhere to have lunch and there didn't seem to be anywhere. Next to the church we went into a cafe which turned out to be spread out over about 3 or 4 floors with little dining rooms on each. We ordered the half portion for some reason -- actually, I ordered the half portion and they misunderstood Russell and he got the half portion too but it was quite a lot and even though, in his usual fashion, he ordered something quite revolting -- cuttlefish, yuck -- and ended up eating half of mine, it was still enough. The bargain of the trip -- 5 euros each with an extra 1.50 for bread, olives, pate and water. People eating the full portion had to be carried out at the end of the meal (??) Feeling immensely pleased with ourselves we made our way home not even disappointed that we didn't see any birds or flamingoes -- but we didn't expect to see any because it was the wrong time of the year -- but always hopeful, we brought binoculars but never got to use them -- it sounds like I am some sort of avid birder but actually can't name even common garden birds but still get excited about pretty birdies and will be quite happy to settle for butterflies if there are no birds -- alas, no butterflies either.

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Storks make nests on any tall structures -- with special liking for churches. It looks like there is a whole colony on top of this church.

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