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Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos November 20th 2019

This morning, waiting in a sitting room at the train station, a young lady rushes in and says we have to leave the space as it is filling with billowing smoke from the train below us. Nothing like getting gassed first thing in the morning. On the way to Lagos, PORTUGAL, for three hours there are rows of cork trees, many of which have the cork stripped, and the trunk bearing a number, as harvest can only occur every nine years. This is a form of documentation. Finally there are animals; horses and cows in a beautiful white sand colour. The rich soil becomes a burnt orange, and tree branches droop bearing the fruit of large oranges. Estombar is the first retirement settlement along the way, and there are vineyards close by, as well as many ... read more
Centre of Lagos
Infante D. Henrique
Lagos streets

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos October 10th 2019

Wednesday Oct 9 Everybody decided to go for a walk to the lighthouse after the beautiful breakfast buffet. After a nice hot 15 minute walk we reached the top edge of the cliffs. When picture taking time started guess who whipped out his camera and started shooting. The lost camera had been in the van in a forgotten bag. Whew! I sketched and everyone wandered off to explore the cliff tops. After finally getting back to the hotel and meeting up near the pool we found out no one had chosen to go down the many, many steps to the beach since it meant coming up the hundred plus steps in the heat. Seems Portugal doesn't heat outdoor pools but since it is the end of the summer season it is only the bravest (or craziest ... read more
Best Chicken

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos July 5th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Mais que cette région du Portugal, l'Algarve est belle. Je ne sais pas ce que me réserve le reste du pays, mais jusqu'à maintenant je suis enchanté. Quelle différence, avec la première partie de l'Andalousie, ici les paysages, non pas été saccagés, au non de la rentabilité. Qelle différence aussi dans le comportement des gens. L'amabilité est de rigueur, rien à voir avec le "je m'en foutisme", et condescendant envers les touristes, de l'Espagne. Pour l'instant tout un plaisir de côtoyer les portugais. Hier au soir dans les rue de Lagos, une foule énorme se promène dans les petites rues, où les restaurants, et les bar doivent ce compter par centaines. Toutes les terrasses sont prisent d'assaut, pour beaucoup de client, la petite laine est la bien venue. Juste pour vous faire envie, ... read more
dernier phare du Portugal
Fort Sagres
Capo Sao Vicente

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos July 4th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Hier vous avez failli être privé de votre lecture quotidienne. Enfin pour certain. Plus d'internet dans toute la région de Huelva. En 392 blogs je n'ai jamais failli un soir. Parfois dans des conditions acrobatiques, entre autre en Alaska, 2014, mais c'est toujours passé. Hier le réseau à été rétablie vers 21h30, je pensais bien ça allait être le premier loupé. Ce matin le temps est bien couvert, pour ma première cigarette sur le balcon, j'ai senti une petite fraîcheur, 18° avec l'air du large. Ma destination, du jour est dans le coin de Lagos, extreme pointe sud du Portugal. Et comme j'en ai pris l'habitude, depuis ma rentrée en Andalousie , avec cette autoroute, qui fait barrière, je suis plus précis dans ma programmation du jour, moins d'improvisation. J'ai dormi quelques kilomètres ... read more
Torre de Ares
mieux que des radars ???

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos May 31st 2019

I’d like to report on the cultural opportunities I embraced in Lagos but I don’t think there are any, or at any rate I wasn’t interested in them. Lagos is like many coastal resorts, it was once a fishing village with nice beaches, then came tourism. The end result is a charming old town and rather less than charming new developments. These two parts of Lagos are separated by a river leading into the marina and it’s a good 20 minute walk from one to the other. Most of the bars and restaurants are in the old town so I reckon it’s the best place to stay. There were four of us and we booked Henri’s apartments (he’s got a few, we were at Páteo de Santo António) for five nights. Good price, well furnished, and ... read more
Lisbon trams
Pastel de nata

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos March 23rd 2019

Tag 15 – Lagos Am Samstag hatten wir unseren freien Tag. Wir standen zur gewöhnlichen Zeit auf und frühstückten mit den anderen. Dann brachte Danielo uns nach Portimão, weil er dort sowieso etwas zu erledigen hatte. Wir liefen ein bisschen durch die Innenstadt und kamen zu einer recht netten Gasse. Irgendwie hörten wir da Musik, oh vielleicht war da ja Livemusik. Da war nämlich ein schönes Restaurant an der Ecke, von dem ich erst mal ein Foto machte. Ich starte einen Videoschwenk, da lief plötzlich ein seltsamer (Namid sagt geistig nicht zurechnungsfähiger) Typ mit einem Einkaufswagen und einem megalauten Ghetto-Bluster ins Bild. Mmh, wohl doch keine Livemusik… Wir kamen auch zu einer hübschen Kirche, die bei Nacht von allen Seiten illuminierbar war. Ein krasser Kontrast zu dem vollkommen verfallenden Haus daneben, das Namid von Weitem erst ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos March 15th 2019

Took our flight to Lisbon and Faro Portugal today. It was about 4 hours in total and our driver, Alexendre was waiting for us at the airport He was the landlord at the apartment we will be staying at for the week. It was supposed to be about 45 min drive but I guess he didn't want to pay for the tolls and so it turned into a 1.5-hour commute. Ugh ( I was sitting in the back seat, so not fun). The apartment was huge, on the 4th floor with 2 balconies overlooking the city/marina of Lagos (pronounced Lagoshh). 3 bedrooms and lots of sitting space so all was well for the Allinson's. There is a community center beside the apartment (with a CrossFit and local gym) and a grocery store Pingo Doce, with a ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos October 15th 2018

After walking the hills in Porto, I was really looking forward to having some beach time down in the Algarve. I got on the 5:40am train to Lagos (pronounced la-goosh) There isn’t a direct train down there so I had to take the train heading towards Faro and switched to a Regional train in Tunes. The journey in total took 5 hours, so I got in early afternoon. My new apartments host had her husband meet me at the train station to take me to my new digs, which was amazing. My new place was set inside the old city of Lagos. The old city has a wall build around it, which I could see from my apartment. I quickly got settled in and headed outside to check out my new surroundings. The sun was hot ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos June 15th 2018

Today was all about the Lagos coastline from the Marina de Lagos to Ponta da Piedade to Prado do Porto de Mos at sea level by small open boat in the morning and at cliff height by foot in the afternoon. By the end it turned out to be very tiring for both of us. The sun shone strong all day and by the time we had finished our boat exploration the wind had picked up and increased further during the afternoon. We were pleased that we had chosen to do the boat tour early. There were 3 crew, the skipper, a female trainee and an old local sea dog along for the ride and a couple from England and us. Heaps of room to move. The skipper took us right alongside the cliff faces, in ... read more
Morning Work Completed
Heading Out.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos June 15th 2018

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