III. Three's Company (Lagos, day 2)

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April 15th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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view from our hostel terrace
Thursday, April 15

I woke up when a shaft of light hit my face. Could it be? Sunshine? I hopped out of bed and threw open the shutter. Yes! It was sunny! I roused my companions and got ready. We stopped at the town bakery on the way (which was delicious) and went to the closest beach.

I got down to my bathing suit and took in some sun, while the other two went into the water (which was cold, I know, because I put my toe in). All of the sudden, I heard this breathing beside me. I turned my head and this dog had just plopped down next to me like we were buds or something. He was panting in my face. I got up and looked around to see if there was an owner somewhere (because it was wearing a collar). All of the sudden the dog plops down on my towel.
"Gah!" I say, "Bad dog! Off of my towel!"
PJ comes over and starts to pick the towel up to shake the dog off and the dog latched onto it with its teeth! We were all three wrestling to get the towel from this dog and the dog's tail was shaking like it was a game. He let go for a minute to go dig a hole in the sand, and as we were getting our stuff to move, he came back over and grabbed the towel again. PJ found a stick and threw it, which diverted the dog again. We moved down the beach, but saw the dog go over to these two guys not to far away. We watched from a distance as the dog attacked their towel too. At least it wasn't us!

For lunch, Cyntia went back to the hostel because she had leftovers. PJ and I went to get a pizza for takeaway. PJ asked the owner if he was Italian, turns out he was, and then they chatted for a while in Italian. We all met up and Cyntia and I did a little shopping. But as I left the store she was in to look for postcards, a torrential downpour came out of nowhere! I tried walking in it for a while with my umbrella, but with the wind it was like it was coming from below, so I said hell with this and

fountain on the terrace
went into a store to wait it out. I ran into PJ there; turns out he had gone looking for me, but took shelter there when the rain started.

That night we took it easy and ate at a traditional Portuguese place. I had grilled shrimp and they were delicious! Then we went back to the hostel and watched a movie from the lending library. It was a good day! We got our sun and beach-time after all!

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outdoor kitchen of the terrace

Lagos! (pronounced "Lagosh")

there's painted tile everywhere

the beach!

in the chilly atlantic

stray puppy wants to play tug a war

we distract him, and he goes to play with someone else

sandcastle! the dog helped dig a little bit...

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