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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Mikolajki July 30th 2017

We waffed into Zeski harbour and promptly ran aground! The Kapitanat shouted instructions from the dock in Polish and German. The one thing Artur had not told us was how to raise the keel. "It must be that blue rope". So we safely made it into dock and my pulse started to soften.We had come to the Great Masurian Lakes in Poland's North East to try something different and were discovering the local sailing methods for the first time. This was part of a two week holiday from our UK jobs and I would not normally write about such a short trip. The Masurian Lakes and the relaxing sailing they offer deserve to be better known in Western Europe and there is little information to help you on the web.Obviously the area is well known in ... read more
Canal sailing
Managing the mast

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Gizycko June 7th 2017

Tout au Nord Est de la Pologne, nous voici repartis pour traverser de belles campagnes... Nous passerons la ville de Olstyn puis, notre prochaine nuit se passera a Gizycko où une charmante propriétaire de camping nous accueille dans un très bon français... Elle nous dit avoir adoré Anvers ! mais ne connait ni Bruxelles ni Bruges... ce sera pour une prochaine fois nous dit-elle, puisque nous le lui conseillons ! En attendant, nous voici installés sur un tout beau terrain au bord des Grands Lacs de Mazurie, situé sur un isthme étroit entre les lacs Niegocin et Kisajno. Le paysage est magnifique ici, le petit camping-car que nous avons tout près de notre emplacement est suisse et semble sortir d'un conte de fées... Je profiterai d'une très bonne température au retour de promenade pour aller me ... read more
au bord de la rivière
autour d'un immense cimetière

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag December 6th 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since our Christmas in Poland. With two New Zealand Christmases already gone by, it only makes sense to bring back the memories and talk tradition! So here it goes... As we were heading back to Poland, I was a bit sad that our trip had come to an end but at the same time I was looking forward to spending some time with my parents. Poland welcomed us with a bit of snow. As we landed in Warsaw it was white all around. From here we caught a train to Malbork where my dad picked us up to take us home. My parents were over the moon to see Millie. We decided to wait with sharing the news about the little bean until I had a confirmation from ... read more
Elblag covered in snow
Millie and her buddy snowman
Christmas 2016

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag July 26th 2016

I was getting really comfortable being back at home... Familiar four walls, homemade meals, free babysitters... ;) Well, not really as we haven’t really used their ‘services’ just yet... One thing that I was happy about above anything else was simply seeing Millie interact with my family! She was very happy being back at home (our Australian home that is) with just the two of us, but here surrounded by more smiley faces, she was simply ecstatic! In general the days in Elblag were very hectic... Late, long and very generous breakfasts with the family, playtime with Millie, some shopping once in a while, a walk to the Old Town every now and then, followed by some more meals throughout the day – afternoon cakes, lunches and even more generous dinners and usually we would call ... read more
Teutonic Castle in Malbork
Peaceful cruise along the Elblag Canal
Teutonic Castle in Malbork

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag June 6th 2016

I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and as I was lying in bed waiting for my phone to ring, I started getting butterflies in my stomach... This time it wasn’t about flying as the flight was really short. The actual wait at the airport would last longer than the flight itself! As usual my head was overflowing with thoughts though... Millie was about to meet her grandparents for the first time... Would she warm up to them straight away? I knew how happy my parents were about meeting her so I didn’t want them to feel rejected at the beginning... Since we were planning to make my parent’s house our base for a while, I was also wondering how Grant was going to cope with all that, it sure can be hard to ... read more
A statue of a baker in Elblag
Old Town panorama from St Nicholas Cathedral
St Nicholas Cathedral in Elblag

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Gizycko May 4th 2015

Day 4 - Warsaw to Gizycko We woke up on Monday morning feeling less than enthusiastic about the prospect of driving directly to Palanga on the Baltic coat of Lithuania; firstly we wanted to stop at Wolfsschanze in north Poland on the way, and I also realised that when I had pencilled in some way points using google maps before we left home, the shortest route to Palanga went through Kaliningrad. Being part of Russia, and having only a single entry visa in our passports, we had to go around, turning an 8 hour journey into a 10 hour one. So we decided to take an extra day and stay the night close to Wolfsschanze in a high end resort town called Gizycko in the Manzurian lake district. After an excellent all you can eat buffet ... read more
Operation Valkyrie
Building for liason staff, naval high command
Behind Hitler's bunker

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian June 30th 2013

Nach dem Aufstehen gleich mal von oben auf Warschau zu sehen kann schon was. So gesehen eine echt tolle Wahl, die Anna – eine sehr gute Freundin, die in Warschau lebt – für uns getroffen hat. Und das Apartment ist auch schön und modern eingerichtet. Ich freu mich schon auf die zweite Nacht, die wir hier nächste Woche auf der Rückfahrt verbringen werden. Nach dem Aufstehen und der Morgentoilette gleich die Sachen gepackt und in der Nähe der Krakowskie Przedmiescie eingeparkt. Dann hab ich mich erinnert, dass ich letztes Jahr in einem kleinen Café gut gefrühstückt habe. Ich hab es auch gleich wieder gefunden, und das Frühstück ist noch immer absolut zu empfehlen. Ebenfalls zu empfehlen ist eine Fahrt in den 31. Stock des Kulturpalasts. Die Aussicht von hier ist einfach atemberaubend und immer wieder schön. ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Gizycko July 29th 2012

De afgelopen maanden heb ik regelmatig geroepen dat ik graag ‘meer met mijn handen wil werken’ en dat ik het dan ‘niet erg vind om onderaan te beginnen’. Nou, be careful what you wish for. Het leven kan dit soort vragen namelijk op ironische wijze beantwoorden met iets wat je niet zo bedoeld had. Zo belandden we vijf dagen geleden op een ecologisch resort in Noord-Polen. Via WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) wilden we meer leren over duurzame landbouw en levensstijlen. Je leert en krijgt onderdak en voedsel, in ruil voor arbeid die te maken heeft met ecologische landbouw. Vol anticipatie kwamen we na een lange dag liften – en daardoor ’s nachts stranden in een veel te duur toeristenmekka – rond lunchtijd aan op dit (gemaakte) paradijs. De eigenaar vertelde ons in zijn ... read more
Van Mickalicious naar Mickiewicza
Met rechte rug!
On the road again

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian June 22nd 2012

Motorhome News from Poland II 6th June 2012 Hunting for Bison and Wild boar - sent to the Salt Mines and Chasing Dragons in Krakow ‘I remember’ I remember every moment of our last visit to Poland, though the faces of our group of birders are long forgotten. I remember the ancient forests and crystal rivers, the many birds I had never seen before, and I remember the man who never sleeps; the man with the sparkling, intelligent eyes and the ragged beard; bursting with energy, excited by everything around him - my kind of guy. Sadly, we’ll not get to meet Marek on this trip as our paths will cross on different days. It is ten years this month since we were last here. The hay meadows still feast the eyes with ... read more
Hill of Crosses
Dojlidy Fishponds
Bialowieza primeval forest

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian May 18th 2010

Białystok - Ełk - Giżycko - Wilkasy & return Next morning we were greeted with overcast skies as the train sped through the Mazovian plains of central Poland. Instead of the usual long views the fields were awash with great pools of water; it was clear that some serious rain had been falling and only later did we learn of the disaster hitting southern Poland as a result of the floods. We rolled into Warsaw and met our friend Radek for a chat and a coffee near Warszawa Centralna station. Then we got our train which had swum up from the flooded south and was only a bit late, and trundled over the Vistula and east north east to Białystok. As we arrived, Białystok felt unusually muggy - more like the Caribbean than the sandy plains ... read more
Lake Niegocin
oh... rain

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