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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 30th 2016

Not the greatest blog entry title for sure, but this day out involved a train ride from Gdansk involving stops at both the castle town of Malbork and the larger city of Elblag, so it only seems right to reflect upon both places side by side. The town of Malbork is a prominent one in Poland, if only for being the location of Malbork castle, a sizeable tourist attraction set in grounds which could so very easily occupy a full day if you were to cover all of its features at a leisurely pace. This traveller though, has a tendancy to cram it all in, so the mission was to see the highlights of Malbork castle in the time scale of just over an hour. A general admission ticket includes a free audio guide in... read more
The Castle interior (Malbork; Poland)
Fine architecture (Elblag; Poland)
A floral display (Elblag; Poland)

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork September 4th 2011

An diesem Tag bin ich von Danzig mit der Bahn nach Marienburg/Malbork gefahren und habe dort die berühmte Burg angesehen. Diese war wirklich beeindruckend. Ich habe zwar an diesem Tag vergessen, Fotos zu machen, aber am folgenden bin ich nochmals auf der Fahrt nach Königsberg/Kaliningrad daran vorbeigefahren und zeige diese Aufnahmen unter diesem Tag.... read more
Das wirklich beeindruckende Schloß Marienburg.
Das wirklich beeindruckende Schloß Marienburg.
Das wirklich beeindruckende Schloß Marienburg.

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork April 21st 2011

The UK had more bank holidays in a row that most people knew what to do with! However, we decided it would be a perfect excuse to get a little off the tourist map and see the rather different sights and sounds of Eastern Europe.... We arrived into Gdansk, and after getting somewhat interrogated at immigration, I managed to get into the country – fourth in the queue and yet the last person in the whole plane to enter!? Pretty sure I don’t fit the classic terrorist profile? We didn’t really know how we were going to get to our hostel – not even sure if the buses were still running, but then an Australian accent pierced through the silence and convinced us it would be cheapest for all of us to get a taxi into ... read more
Moltlawa River
Climbing the Tower
A Night Out with the Polish

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 29th 2010

I'm trying to keep clam and remember that it always takes time for me to orient to a new language and a new phrasebook. In 2005, I suffered through many very sad attempts at Czech and it took until several days in to a second visit in 2008 for me to render one word, any word in a way that any Czech person was willing to recognize as Czech. It was a triumph when it happened. Let's just say I haven't triumphed in Polish yet and things aren't looking good for this visit. So yesterday, Saturday, I had a leisurely morning at the mall, magic ruby Merrells and all that, and was basking in just experiencing Gdańsk and trying to see examples of everyday life in the city. In the afternoon, I met Aga and got ... read more
Convenient sock dryer
Best English audioguide ever

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork July 20th 2010

July 20 - I woke up early today and had a slow and lazy morning, chatting over breakfast with some other travelers, including a German who had just finished a week at a medieval fastival where he camped and dressed like a knight. He loved it. Then I met Amelia, a Kiwi returning home from a two year working visa in England via a three month tour in Eastern Europe. We decided after some talking to go to Marlbork Castle together, which I was planning to do tomorrow but the weather was supposed to be better today, so that sounded good. We left early enough for the 11:16am train but got lost underground between the bus and train stations and couldn't find the ticket office but FINALLY got tickets at 11:13am. We had to make a ... read more
Castle views

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 31st 2009

Malbork Castle, evening. Now that I know the gipsy story, how they ended up here in the Northern Poland Lake District, waiting for the European Union borders to open up once Poland will join this big European economic powerhouse, keen on their part of the dough, social money free of charge and the respect of outsiders they mostly despise... So now I really like to get the background story of the two dozen or so Africans living on this badly mantained camping in old tents, taking turns on sleeping time and spending most of their time, when they aren't doing odd jobs for nearby farmers, on the camping drinking Polish beer and chewing grass that reminds them of their native QAT... Five of them inhabit an old army tent near the lake. The sour acid smell ... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 27th 2009

Malbork Castle, 23-07-2001. I slowly walk the cobble-stoned narrow streets of Malbork Town with the looming shade of the Malbork Castle above me, a Teutonic strong-hold of times past and nowadays a prime tourist destination for people the wolrd over - my ears besieged by a multitude of languages...though most of my attention is on Salima, Miss Gipsy Magician's grand daughter who is explaining the Gipsy Plight to me... Salima grew up in a small gipsy community near the Bulgarian/Turkish border where they were the frequent victims of Turrkish speaking Bulgarians who themselves were repressed by non-Turkish speaking Bulgarians...a never ending feud with both sides as poor as church rats...young Turkish speaking Bulgarian females selling their young bodies to the "enemy" for a as little as a tooth brush in the nearby town of Burgas. About ... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 26th 2009

Malbork Camping, 22-07-2001. "Wie heissen Sie dann, lieber Herr aus Holland", A strange question for someone who claims to be able to predict one's future by merely looking at your palm. I mean asking for my name just after one quick glance at my hand that after nearly three weeks on the bike has become severely callused...a bit like trying to read a crumpled old newspaper I guess. a parchment-like skin heavenly wrinkled by time and a long life time of living outside, olive colored skin with pink patches and despite the owner's advanced age notwithstanding she has long raven black hair with not a single stray of grey, coming out unruley from a brightly red bonnet, her piggy coal black eyes are locked on mine no doubt trying to overcome my scepticism...after all she claims ... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 23rd 2009

Malbork, 21-07-2001. I sip my coffee slowly while sitting on my sleeping bag in front of my tent watching the early rising of the sun, the darkness of the night slowly surrendering to the first rays of the sun - when you live you life like a solitay vagabond wild camping in the forest trying to survive on a bare-bread budget, it seems easy enough to understand the devotion early mankind had for the sun, even turning this massive hot sphere into a GOD... Mister Maribu is still out in the lake standing in shallow water on his long black legs which are presently invisible due to the morning forest fog hanging over the lake's surface. His buddies, the water sifting spoonbills are nowhere to be seen, probably left before first sun light in search of ... read more
My trip...

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork August 1st 2009

Malbork is E..'s home town, and she still has family there. Her cousin and husband drove us from Gdansk and another cousin organized a wonderful celebration dinner for us and our friend G..'s family. We have fond memories of that dinner, but we got news that E..'s dad was not doing well in hospital in White Rock. So right after dinner, we went online and got tickets to fly home to Vancouver, cutting short our planned visit to the southern parts of Poland and Prague. We had some good luck making connections and also really good service from the Air Canada checking agent in Ottawa. When he became aware of our situation and our need to get to Vancouver, he ended up personally walking us through security to the gate check in agent. We took a ... read more
Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle
Knight suit

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