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September 9th 2009
Published: September 14th 2009
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When I was writing my couchrequest to Tomasz I was in Krakow and not entirely sober. Just before I had two shots of "good night sleep" vodka with my host. But the request was successful and in few days I was in a minibus Krakow-Lublin. Going there alone gave me time to think and conclude my journey. I had been on road already around 18 days and Lublin was my last stop before coming back to Warsaw. Even though I would not say I had the "happy happy" feeling at the time of traveling, but in conclusion this road gave me different experiences and new perspectives, so once again I can say that it was success.
I went to my host. First impression of Lublin - it is quite empty - the buildings are scarce and there were few people, so it looked silent and calm. Seemed that people there have different worries than using the urban space the most efficient as possible. What is more I remembered that I was there just a year ago, summer I hitchhiked to Serbia. This was a last stop before getting back home, we slept in a tent in some park. And now almost year after I came there again on different circumstances.
So Tomasz met me at the bus stop and we went to buy some ingredients, as first thing I did at his home was making "lazy" or by the new name "donttouchmecake". His room was occupied by two girls painting something. One was from China other was Polish. They also had strawberries. We ate and went to climbing gym, but it was closed. On the way we saw a local weird person who lost his love once and is still talking to her, though she is nowhere near.
Evening did not go to vain, as we stayed up till 4am watching "Fight club", listening to music and Tomasz playing guitar and singing.
The next day it was raining but I had to go for some sightseeing. So I saw the town mostly form under my umbrella and mostly in Moby music tone. It fitted well. I was walking around Old Town, the streets were quite empty as not many people like walking around in rain. Lublin is old, not like Krakow or similar polished all-nice-looking old, but genuinely old, not very preserved, quite messy a bit trashy, but at the same
Perspectives of Lublin Perspectives of Lublin Perspectives of Lublin

From under my ubrella
time so interestingly old. I wandered into old corridors, small inner yards wondering if people do actually live here.
In evening we went to climbing gym again and did some really good bouldering. The evening was with lots of ice-cream, "300", more music and more great singing and guitar playing from my host.
Those two days in Lublin were a bit surreal and that's why I like them so much. Very nice last touch for my journey.

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Perspectives of Lublin Perspectives of Lublin
Perspectives of Lublin

Towards the above
Perspectives of Lublin Perspectives of Lublin
Perspectives of Lublin

Small doors to somwhere
Perspectives of Lublin Perspectives of Lublin
Perspectives of Lublin

Balconies in the small yards

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