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November 18th 2010
Published: November 18th 2010
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Alright baby birds, by now I have shoved you off your nest to fly on your own but it is time, finally I finish this blog and I hope you still are hungry. It has been awhile, I know but life gets busy once back in the states but do not fret, I drank my favorite Chianti from Italy (straight out of the bottle) to relive what it was like and the mood we all shared in this wonderful blog. To recap (I know I dropped the ball on the timing) we have not yet discussed Prague, Krakow, Berlin and the last leg of Amsterdam and I must warn you that my brother across the country (in Arizona) will upload all these pictures this weekend, if he is a man of his word. So to preface, this will be a long and tenuous journey through the lives of the lone wolf (me) and the photographer of the lone wolf (Brandon).
First we will discuss Prague, in the Czech Republic for those new to this era (because it previously was Czech Slovekia for those not from this era). Basically, to remember all the crazy and detailed occurrences I have consulted my journal and yes I kept a journal-its something MacGyver would've done. So we arrived in Prague very late, around midnight and tried to get guidance to our hostel, some times by very creepy men who seemed to be staring and winking at Brandon. Brandon's guide book had the location so we arrived at this location of the hostel to find...nothing (after about an hour of walking). Turns out, there was an arrow pointing down street about 2km to where the hostel was in the book (a homeless english speaking man told us for a beer, where we obviously bought more than one). Undoubtedly we trudged on to the Czech Inn, where we found one of the nicest hostels we have stayed at, and it only took us 2 1/2 hours of walking with our backpacks filled with beer garden mugs (from Munich). So once again, everything was alright the leatherman was in safe keeping on the side of the lone wolf's hip. In Prague we did much. Now moving on... no just kidding, baby birds even though you may be out of the nest and feeding on your own when you're back in pappa's house you will be fed. So we participated in a walking tour, making it on time (we've learned our lesson) and saw the powder tower, Turn church, Astronomical clock and a thiefs arm hanging in a church. That last one is a long story about how some guy's arm got cut off by trying to steal from the virgin Mary, if you really want to know just ask because as the Gi Joe's say knowing is half the battle, and I know so the other half is asking me. Anywho, the walking tour we did also did a pub crawl, naturally we deliberated whether or not to join. Eventually we figured since the first hour was a watch party for Brazil vs. Korea and the beer was free we would get our money back in that hour, simply accounting and economics, anyone would recognize that. So during this hour, I ran into some Mizzou girls who happened to know Knudsen and thought he was hot, unfortunately, Brandon did not think they were very cute. Time for a random quote from the journal: "Went to the communist bar in my book. Brandon was getting hit on by a Mexican, but it was a guy." Explanation: Some random dude was a photographer and Brandon took an interest in his work then the flirting began. (Brandon sorry but its the truth). The next night in prague we met some Torontoites, and that is that.
We left for Krakow the next day and another chapter in the adventure started. First of all, we arrived at Krakow very early in the morning, around 6:30, but after all the training previously encountered we found our hostel relatively easily. Now we were only in Krakow for a short but beautiful time, like Brandon's career in golf management, and about everything. I promise this is not supposed to be a roast of Brandon Fisser, anyways we explored most of what there is to see IN Krakow-there are a lot of things around Krakow we wanted to see i.e. salt mines- in one day because thats all we had. We even ran into some dragons at the Krakow Castle, similar to the ones in how to train a dragon except real, and if it wasn't for that 5 euro entry fee where we picked our weapon of choice, one of us would be a goner. Besides that Krakow was extremely beautiful and I wish we spent more than one night eating BBQ at our hostel and cheering for the US. Oh wait there is one instance that stands out, once again not to place any emphasis on Brandon but oh well. So after visiting most of Old town Square we went to the university and he ended up taking a nap on a bench where a Polish police officer questioned him (in the native tongue of course) if he was fine, needed help or location to the nearest shelter. After a few minutes of deliberating, all while I was sitting across from them laughing, he was given a warning. Do not worry baby birds, if anything serious were to happen to him, I would have chased down the golf cart and shown my leatherman.
So Berlin was and is next on the travel schedule, going to where the wall fell and democracy won, go Merr'ca. I completely forgot what I told you baby birds (now fully mature falcons) about Berlin but Berlin was simply amazing, like Michael Bolton from Office Space singing all his favorite Michael Bolton songs. The first night we arrived at the JetPack hostel where he had where the platform where the world cup was presented in 2006, so I've pretty much touched the world cup, like I've touched your hearts. Also, when we arrived we ran into some British/Australian/Sweden people when we trying to find our hostel who almost convinced us to join them into going to a skin club. Anywho, we ended up getting into this club with apparently 20 or so bars inside one, and about "20-30 minutes in we are still debating if we like it or not" (Journal). Before I go any further I forgot to mention how much I love America. The days following Munich were dedicated to finding an American flag, a large one that people could see from a far, so far away that Neil Armstrong for America could say "one step for...". So the club turned out to be a crazy rave with German people somehow pulling German Flags and chanting like the German "U-S-A!". Of course we did a walking tour, I mean anyone who goes to Berlin to not see the Berlin Wall would not go bowling with Oscar De La Hoya. Brandon and I saw the Brandenburg gate, holocaust memorial, checkpoint charlie, Hitlers grave, and one of the oldest arches. Basically, Berlin has a lot to offer if you've never been its like trying to join a wolf pack but instead being taken in by a mother bear and then learning the ways of a bear and then attacking those wolves who rejected you. Plus our hostel had soccer goals where we schooled some germans on how to play soccer not futbaol after drinking a bottle of wine and watching dogs near a lake. Plus, I know I live right by the former president (George W. Bush) but Brandon and I passed by the German President and his wife while many people in suits went to reach for some type of weapon, luckily we were too unaware of what was happening that no serious charge was brought upon us (mainly because Brandon loves Box wine and pringles). I will finish sometime this weekend with Amsterdam and final thoughts. And also pics to follow, boats and hoes young ones.


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