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August 13th 2008
Published: August 14th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: Brikenau from center 25 secs
2: view from the main tower 31 secs
3: Railcars 25 secs
"One who does not remember history, is bound to live through it again." George Cantayana

This is a more somber blog. Today we vistied Aushcwtiz and Birkenau which where the largest of the Nazi concentration camps during WWII. It is a very real and very heavy place. As we walked and listened to our guide i often found myself not listening and trying to image what it was like for the people during that time. There is no way I could ever begin to know what these martyrs went through. For people to believe this didn't happen is beyond me. Millions of people lost their lives, not because of things they did but because of who they where. Innocent people where murdered mercilessly because they where different.

This is not a normal blog but today was not a normal day. You can't see this place without feeling what happened there. There was a hall of pictures, more or less mug shots, of the people in the camp and you can see fear in their eyes. When we entered the gas chambers where thousands and thousands of innocent people died it was way to irie for me. I'm not going to write to much but i will say that it has left an impression on me that will not go away....

Additional photos below
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The KitchenThe Kitchen
The Kitchen

those are gallows in the front where "prisoners" where hung to make an example
Chimney to the Gas Chamber/CrematoryChimney to the Gas Chamber/Crematory
Chimney to the Gas Chamber/Crematory

walking in this thing was too irie.
Brinkenau Brinkenau

this is the largest of the three Aschwitz camps
A destoried CrematoryA destoried Crematory
A destoried Crematory

When the Russians where coming the Gremans tried to destroy all evidence

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