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Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 20th 2019

The centre of Poznan is full of green spaces, but the biggest by far is Citadel Park. We took the 20 minute stroll north of the city centre for a look round. It looks like a park, but in reality is the remains of what was a sizeable fortress. It largely avoided any serious military activity until 1945 and for the most part was used as a prison. The Germans primarily used it was a POW camp from 1939 onwards, but it proved a key stronghold as the conclusion of the Battle for Poznan was played out in February 1945. The majority of the city was taken by the Red Army on 16 February, but the Citadel held out until 23 February. The bricks and rubble of what remained was then largely used in the reconstruction ... read more
Poznan Street Art
Citadel Park, Poznan
Freedom Square, Poznan

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 15th 2019

The monsoon season was still ongoing across UK. The heavens had opened at the weekend and bucket loads of rain continued to fall, as we approached midweek. There was a brief respite, as we cautiously trundled down the M1. Oh what a difference it was from last summer, when we became tired of yet another baking, dry day. We were bound for a heatwave in Eastern Europe. It had been 30 degrees plus for weeks in Poland and there was no sign of it abating. We walked out of the terminal at Poznan Airport into a wall of heat. As a man of public transport, the last thing I usually do is look for a taxi. The weather and it being the Other Half's birthday, softened me up and we sped off for the Old Town. ... read more
Cathedral Island, Poznan
Old Town Square, Poznan
Jesuit College Poznan

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan May 23rd 2019

It’s time to start the journey back to Berlin, stopping tonight at Poznań. Mainly because it’s half way rather than because my guide book enthuses about Poznań, which it doesn’t. It’s another 4 plus hour drive but this time we are allowed to stop. To prove we’re really living the dream, we have brunch in a KFC in a motorway service station. If there was a prize for the meal which looked least like the photo on the menu, my cheese wrap would win. I consider whether to try and return the cremated pile of crap in a country where I can’t speak the language, but the old man scoffs it. No matter, I have a bucket of chips. After that healthy interlude, we continue to Poznań, which is a lot bigger than I’d expected. And ... read more
Testing the water in Poznań
Town hall
Town hall

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan May 27th 2018

Post POW trail bloggin' in Poland. We’re strangely demob happy, but adrift, after completing the main purpose of our trip (See previous blogs). But on to Wrocław, pronounced bvroaswov as I’ve earnestly tried to utter over the last few days. Wrocław is a big city to the west of Kraków. Its city centre / old town is a mixture of ancient buildings, 1900’s Art Nouveau and Soviet Apartment blocks all sharing their 21st moment. Our first stop, of course, is the Botanical Garden. Indeed we have chosen our smart, brand new apartment, not for it's evident shine and gloss, but because it’s just as very the road from the BG. And BG is to be recommended. Lots of signage so that you can check out the stuff you don’t know, ponds, bridges, trees, ice cream, sculpture, ... read more
Wrocław sculptures
Conga Line Candy Shop
Goat butting at noon, Posnań

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan March 16th 2017

We met with Poznań around 6 months ago and it was amazing welcome. We have never been here before and speaking quite candidly, we didn't expect it to be so perfect. Before came here, we don't know how it would be but after spent 5 days in Poznan, we decided to be stay more and more and more :) If you have never been in Poznan or Poland ( you should know that every city in Poland are impressive), your next trip should be planned to Poland! :)... read more

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 7th 2015

Poznan Stare Zoo is the far smaller and inferior of Poznan’s two zoos. Though Stare Zoo wasn’t all bad and nothing was really terrible, just not that impressive with rather too many domestics for my liking. The Stare zoo is a very old zoo and I believe the oldest continuously operating zoo in Poland and was Poznan’s main zoo before the tiny size of the facility necessitated a larger zoo to be built though they are both under the same management. As a result the zoo has a lot of history associated with it including former exhibits that would be considered unsuitable for the species that they were originally intended for but they have since been re-purposed for other species. The entrance to the zoo is free and I believe it is officially a public park ... read more

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 6th 2015

I visited Poznan Nowe Zoo yesterday (6th June 2015) and I spent the whole day from open to close there and I really enjoyed myself. The Zoo is just outside the city the zoo grounds is very large, according to Wikipedia 117 hectares but most of this is not developed into exhibits with areas of natural woodland and several very large lakes. The collection of species is very extensive in terms of mammals and gallinaceous birds and birds of prey but is lacking on other things (herps, fish and some birds were in the Stare Zoo which is run by the same group and I will post about that zoo - which I visited the next morning - separately). The nocturnal house is extremely extensive with a large range of species (including three species of bats). ... read more

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan August 8th 2011

Today we set out on our last big drive in Poland and what a beautiful morning it turned out to be after last night’s thunderstorm. We were up really early to check for any evidence that we had not had company during the night and finding none showered, packed and left our emergency accommodation. Looking back on our night’s accommodation we had to agree it had one of the strongest free wifi internet connections so far and an over-supply of wall sockets. As we depart Kwidzyn we can now laugh about our time in this town. Perhaps we have the wrong impression but our first experience was not a good one. By the time we had checked into our next hotel we had received an emailed apology from the pension. They had not received our reservation ... read more
Malbork Castle
Guess what this establishment sells?
Who arranged for this billboard?

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan July 22nd 2011

We're slowly getting ready for our vacation! I know there's still some time to go, but it's getting closer everyday. This year we're flying to the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. For the first time ever we decided to choose an all inclusive resort, mainly because of our kids. It seems to be a lot easier when everything is there for you whenever you need it, but we do have some doubts. We'll see how it works out in reality. When choosing the resort we went through a number of catalogues, and also had a look at quite a few websites (check out Best All Inclusive Resorts, they provide some pretty good info and tips on choosing the right type of resort). Anyway, we decided to go for one in Cala De Fuste (I don't know if ... read more

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan October 4th 2010

So we went to Poznan Saturday morning and just came back this morning with an hour to spare before teaching. Poznan was nice, the prettiest town square out we've seen so far I think but all of these cities look similar already. We went to see Des's favorite singer Frank Turner give a show last night. Folk music is not exactly my cup of tea but Des loveddd him. The best parts of the city were the City Hall building in the center of the square that was built in the 1551 I think. Also, every day at noon, since the building was built, 2 goats come out of the clock tower and headbutt each other as the bells ring. Then they have some special bugle call. Apparently this is a famous sight because the crowd ... read more
inside the Parish Church, AMAZING
Collegiate Square
Goats Statue in Collegiate Square

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