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September 20th 2004
Published: September 20th 2004
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Got to Trondheim about 8pm on Sat. Ingvild met us at the station...great lady. She has a very nice house with view of the ocean(fjiord) with lots of nice Ikea her favorite color. We had a wonderful supper with her, visited a while, phoned Gerd, and then to bed for the best sleep in a week. Up just before 730, the sppointed time, a nice breakfast and then off to Aure and the island Roto to see land of ancestors. First stop was Lutheran church service...a special one as two babies were being baptised. Many of the congregation were dressed in National costume for the occassion. Georgina got several pictures of the costumes. Outside the church we gathered as our family and took pictures. My second cousin Oddvar and his 'new' wife (about 5 years, and mother of Ingvild) were instrumental in getting the group together and arranging for 'coffee', which was a very nice lunch; and then off to the island to see the farm, and old but still quite sturdy and very much erect, buildings of the Johannes Roto and Ann Johnson family, which included my g grandfather Johannes Johannessen Roto who came to America in 1868. It was so great to visit the area and the house, and could see the stone foundation of the barn. The weather was just perfect, no rain, and not even a cloud. We went back to the mainland and in the opposite direction of Aure to see the old homes of two of Johannes's sibs. Home of Ellen was in general not bad repair, altho not lived in for some time, and of course not kept up; and on down more toward the sea to the house of a brother Jon, an even larger house and said to have been very nice inside. This house also had not been lived in for some time, now had broken windows and trees grown where lawn had been. We took a few pictures again, and then back to Aure for a wonderful supper meal...Moose meat in a sour cream sauce served with rice and a lovely salad of greens, toms, cuke and some pineapple chunks. A red berry sauce (they called it jam) somewhat tart, but not cranberry, I don't think...smae sauce we had with Swedish meatballs in Stockholm) and a nice red juice to drink. All serve yourself, with 9 around the table. The Aure church was just across the road and I took pictures, but they alternate service in a few churches, and Aure was not this Sunday. We were to have apple cake for dessert, but went to another room first, to look at pictures, and genealogy charts (without food around) and then back to the table later for dessert, with real whiped cream. Took a few more pictures, and said goodbyes, and we were back off to Trondheim to change to slacks and get to the train. Did stop on the way for help with getting pictures off my disc so I had more room, and the CD will be in the mail for me when I get home...wonderful invention these computers...especially when you know how to use them. Took the night train to Oslo at 2305 and arrived (sat in reclining chairs, with our feet on backpacks or the seat in front). In Oslo at 0710 and leave for Drangedal at about 1100 hr


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