Jeffrey’s Journey Part 2

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July 10th 2018
Published: July 10th 2018
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I didn’t want to go near the edge
Well it’s been a while since you heard from me. We have all settled into quite a good routine and I quite liked the way things were going. Then the other day everything was topsy turvey. For a start the van got dragged up onto the back of a lorry and then Phil was eating and looking at a book while we were driving along. I really didn’t understand this. Then on top of that we ended up in this building and I had to get into another box like thing that suddenly jerked and started moving. I got left in this room for a while and then that’s where we stayed the night. I paced around for a bit because I didn’t really know where to sleep. I kept hearing voices I didn’t recognise so I barked a bit which seemed to annoy Bernie a lot. The next day we ended up getting on a big bus (after I had barked at it). I wasn’t sure about it and barked a little when things got noisy. At last we got off and we had a nice walk even though it was very hot. Unfortunately we had to travel on a
Car ferryCar ferryCar ferry

I could see Phil and Bernie looking down on me
big bus again but imagine how relieved I was when at last we were back in the van. I think I am a very brave dog as Phil and Bernie keep taking me to places that are up high and then when I look down there are holes everywhere and I think I suffer from vertigo. There was a walkway the other day at Trollstigen where I thought I was going to fall over the edge. I got carried when we stopped for a walk by the Atlantic highway sxbecause I really didn’t like the thing I had to walk on.Today there were steps with big holes in them, I did climb a few but I really didn’t want to go back down them so Phil had to carry me again.The other morning I was put on a lead and thought we were off on another walk! Thank goodness for that I thought as I needed a poo. Then I spotted the purple thing they call a canoe. Still, Bernie was in it and I got in with her to say hello and the next thing Phil had pushed us out in the water and I couldn’t get out. I remembered it all too late. I kept watch all the same, there were a lot of boats about. It all got a bit uncomfortable after awhile because I really really needed a poo, I think Phil noticed as he was waving his hands over his nose and saying “Oh Jeffrey !” I was shaking a bit by then and thinking about leaping for shore but Bernie had a tight hold on me. Luckily they let me off and Phil carried off on his own. Gosh what a relief to find a bush!

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