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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger August 5th 2019

Castellano debajo... Dans ce blog, ou vous allez croire qu'on est complètement fous... ou vous allez trouver l'histoire originale... Nous arrivons à Stavanger où nous avons prévu de dormir une nuit de la semaine... laisser en pension dans le camping Pollux, tout seul comme un grand durant trois nuits... et nous débrouiller pour une dernière nuit... L'histoire est née d'une annonce de mariage... Une de mes petites jardinières qui a aujourd'hui plus que l'âge de raison... se marie le 29 juin à Londres !!! elle compte sur notre présence !!! Comme elle est restée tout à fait adorable... on hésite pas à répondre "OUI"... nous serons là... et j'imagine alors le scénario à opérer pour que ce soit possible... Billets d'avions et hôtels sont vite réservés ! Rien n'est réservé dans aucun camping car il y ... read more
et on est tout de suite bien accueillis à Stavanger
en face de la gare...
banc public !

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 31st 2019

Cruise day 16 & 17 Last sea day, a cruise summary and arriving back in blustery Blighty 30th-31st July 2019 Breakfast and then walk a mile. Deck 7 is 1/5 of a mile in perimeter so we plodded circuits round there. The front end is a bit windy today and it was a bit of a challenge to battle through the headwinds. Sitting out on deck after was a bit chillier than recently but then we were heading down the North Sea. The Neptune Lounge is where the talks are and where people fall asleep as it’s so warm in there. We haven’t been in there since the second day, partly due to the falling alseep problem and partly because there have been better things to do. At 11am today though, the executive chef of the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 29th 2019

The announcement on the tannoy said that Stavanger is the most expensive city in the world. I don’t know on what evidence they base this, but after a day there, I’m not going to argue! I’d seen a photo of Sverd i Fjell (three swords) in the cruise brochure, but didn’t wants to pay £££s to see a statue, no matter how impressive. So we walked. Passing through some very impressive residential areas of sparkling white houses, each one a different design with porches, balconies and large gardens. The roads were tree lined with an abundance of lush parks and public areas, all with well maintained and colourful flowerbeds. Any graffiti seen was mostly street art rather than the scruffy scrawl of non-existent words you often get. Family groups cycled by, all sensibly wearing helmets and ... read more
Øvre Holmegate
graffiti in Stavanger
Old Stavanger

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 29th 2019

Cruise day 15 Stavanger, blagging and lots more traipsing July 29th 2019 Today was our final stop off of the cruise as we visited one of the most expensive cities in the world, Stavanger. First mission was to walk to a huge monument which has three 10 metre swords symbolising the unification of Norway. The temperature was hot, very hot, but I had a silly hat on and it took us just over an hour of walking to get there. There were some HUGE houses on the way, most of wooden construction somewhat reminiscent of San Francisco. The monument was impressive, the cost of the bus back not so. Just over a 10 minute ride for over £5.50 each. Then I had a very small tub of frozen yohgurt which said it was just under £2....until ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger March 9th 2018

Well what a breath of fresh air pulling into Stavanger, our most southern port of call on this cruise, no snow or ice in the town. A beautiful town with all the wooden houses which are considered national heritage monuments in their own right, kept so pristine, was lovely to wander around for a few hours taking in the sites. Very pretty Norwegian town. Though we did take a walk around the lake in the middle of town with loads of birds on it and it was 3/4 frozen over, John said "can I video you walking on the ice to see if it can hold another bird's weight, I AM NOT THAT SILLY! The gorgeous cathedral was built in the 12th century and was modelled on Winchester Cathedral which we visited a few years ago. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger March 7th 2018

At around 03:15, after two nights in port, the Oriana finally left the ‘apex’ of our trip. With two days at these inhuman temperatures, the ship was well and truly broken!! As the Oriana had experienced -25°C, this had caused pipes to freeze and crack. Chaplin’s Cinema was under several feet of water on deck 8. As there is nowhere for the water to go except down, Lord’s Tavern, on deck 7, directly below, also suffered and became out of bounds. There were leaks all over the ship with some toilets out of operation. Aircon also suffered as the pipes in the fan coils had frozen and some had cracked so the cabins remained stuffy and warm. The captain stated that he checked the ship’s previous log for this destination and it turned out that the ... read more
The promenade deck - P & O Oriana
Snow storm approaching in the North Sea
Sunset on a calm North Sea

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger November 20th 2017

Stavanger 20th November We dock next to Gamle Stavanger, the old town, tiny wooden houses, cobbled lanes typify a living museum. Stavanger originally a fishing port, there were 70 canneries in the 1920's, the last one closed in 1983. The demise of the sardine industry coincide with the discovery of oil and it soon became the centre of Norway's oil and gas industry. Stavanger is not just an industrial town, the city is a charming mixture of old wooden houses and has a developing tourist industry. Old Stavanger has a charming selection of old wooden houses, narrow streets, old fashioned lampposts and various workshops have sprung up and Norwegian art is on sale. Stavanger Domkirke, the Cathedral built under the direction of the Bishop of Winchester is the best preserved medieval church in Norway, it has ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger June 11th 2017

So yesterday Christine and I did a thing. We hiked up to Pulpit Rock(Preikestolen---google it!). This hike is classified as "easy" to the humans of Norway. But let me tell you, it was anything but easy. After battling gravity the entire way up, we were greeted with the most magical view I've ever seen. See pictures. Surprisingly we aren't as sore as I thought we would be. Today we took a 6am ferry to stavanger. The ferry was lovely. Other than the sound of unaccompanied children shrieking....... :) enjoying the lovely city of Bergen now. More photos to follow suite ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger June 9th 2017

Day one and two was technically spent in the airport. From Ottawa. To Toronto. To London heathrow. To find out our flight to Norway was cancelled... so we fought and got out on a flight for 8pm instead of 11am.. We came up with a fun hashtag when stuck in heathrow. #nowaytonorway #fjordthegirls Our layover was less than desirable. That's ok. We purchased cards and kept ourselves "sane" and entertained. We might have been running on no sleep... but that's okay who can't stay up for 38 hours? When we got to Stavanger we were so pleasantly surprised. We landed at 1030pm local time. To find out that the sun was just setting (yes at 1030 pm). Sunrise is at 430. That was fun to find out. The hotel we booked is right downtown stavanger by ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 23rd 2016

The big day had finally arrived! A first time cruise for Val and Keith to the Norwegian Fjords. After many years of being critical about cruising it was now time to experience the reality. Travelling with Val's sister, who was celebrating her 60th birthday with her family gave us added confidence because they take regular cruise holidays. We left Scotch Corner services on the A1 at 6am after an early alarm call. The Eavesway coach was very comfortable with ample leg room. We did not see our luggage again until we arrived at our cabin door on the Brittannia, P & O's pride and joy, in Southampton dock. What an enormous vessel towering over the quayside. The bathroom and our cabin were small but functional and it was just like staying in an enormous floating hotel ... read more
Old Quarter Stavanger
Stavanger bridge
Stavanger residents

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