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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger September 14th 2014

Hi everyone This is the 2nd last day of the cruise and we are sitting in the Lyric Theatre listening to the Captain’s talk about maritime issues. The first question is about the weather…surprise, surprise! So going back a couple of days. We’ve been in Norway for 5 days now and it’s a BEAUTIFUL country. It’s been incredibly warm and sunny, only raining on one day. That was the day we hiked to the Briksdal Glacier which is a part of the Jostedal glacier ice-field, the largest glacier on the European mainland. The glacier slope plunges from a height of 1200metres, down to the lush, narrow Briksdal Valley.At its thickest part the ice is 400m deep! I thought it was going to be a 2 mile walk there and back. Bzz…wrong answer! It was an 8.6km ... read more
Golf championship...I won!
Peter losing at golf!
Stavanger Old Town

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger June 10th 2014

Stavanger west coast of Norway 8 & 9 June We arrived in Stavanger at about 3.00pm and booked into Camping Mosvangen which is next to the water and is well appointed. We have stopped converting Norwegian Krone to AUD. However you may be interested to hear that diesel is $2.60 AUD a litre!!! We road our bikes into the town (took 15 minutes) after we booked into the caravan park and did some washing. The Old Town and the new city centre are either side of the main harbour of the city. Stavanger has only 126,000 people and is the 4th largest city in Norway. We had a good look around and visited the Petroleum Museum which was fascinating. Displays of submersibles, drilling equipment, a mock oil platform, and audio-visual presentations make for a good few ... read more
Sunset at 11.15pm at Stavanger (3)
Stavanger Central on west coast of Norway (1)
Stavanger Harbour on west coast of Norway (3)

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger June 10th 2014

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) cruise and climb 9 June Today was a fantastic day. We saw some most amazing Norwegian scenery today and we spoke the Kerrie & Adam. We boarded the cruise ship/ferry in Stavanger Harbour and cruised out at about 10.00am passing the Petrolium Museum, the Old Cannery and all the beautiful harbour-side houses. We soon cruised into the Lysefjord which runs 45 km deep and 42km long. The fjord was formed by glaciers during the ice ages.During the most recent ice age, about 10,000 years ago, Norway was covered with a layer of ice that was around 2,000 metres thick. The day was overcast and the breeze was cool (actually cold if you weren't protected from the wind). We stayed on the top deck as we could see more...even though we got cold. ... read more
At Pulpit Rock (18)
Pulpit Rock Walk (4)
At Pulpit Rock (4)

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger January 2nd 2012

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.” Thus one might describe my first experience and impressions of the University of Stavanger. Everything started out as usual; I got out of bed, to a shower, put on some clothes and then headed down to get my share of the free breakfast. It was at this breakfast I had the first acquaintance with "paper cheese" and rye bread, which was not rye bread but white bread with grains. However, I couldn't complain the breakfast was free of charge since it was included when I booked this accommodation. After eating waay to much, I chose again to resort to the easy way out, and took a cap so I could arrive at the university without delays. Even though I was a ... read more
The Common Room

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger January 1st 2012

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step" – Lao Tzu This step I was about to take, but in this case it wasn't a thousand miles, only 733 km. My first stop on this adventure is a country which has been called "The World's Best Destination" by National Geographic Traveller, namely Norway. I'm headed to Stavanger, where I will live a life as a student for 5 months. Just to get the introduction in place prior to departure, I am Lis. I am 22 years old, and studying International Tourism & Leisure Management at the University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg. I just finished my third semester, and despite a lot of paperwork, I'm now able to consider myself a student at the university of Stavanger. Since my passion is to ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 11th 2011

Rano jsme vstali driv, abychom chytili trajekt v devet hodin do Merkjaviku. Cesta trvala neco malo pres hodinu a zatimco ja si uzivala vyhledy a fotila, Peto jeste lehce dospaval. Po vylodeni jsme zamirili primo do Stavangeru. Prohledli jsme si mistni katedralu, centrum mesta, koupili bombu s plynem, takze konecne si budeme moci neco uvarit, prosli se kolem pristavu, kde parkovali dva zamorske lode, prohledli si zvenci budovu muzea oleje a historicke mestecko. Bohuzel mi zacala dochazet baterka na fotaku, tak jsem toho moc nenafotila. Jaka skoda. V informacich nam bylo doporuceno zabukovat si trajekt skrz Lysefjord do Lysebotnu predem, a tak jsme bezeli do kancelare Tide. Tam nam pani zarezervovala mistecko na tri hodiny odpoledne z Lauvika a doporucila nam, abychom necestovali trajektem obe cesty, ale udelali si projizdku kolem. Rozhodli jsme se, ze tak ... read more
Old town - Stavanger
Down to Lysebotn

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger December 13th 2010

I have been dreaming about travelling around the world for a long time, and now the first part of the tickets is finally booked :D Im so excited and can't wait to get out and see the world. 27th of june I travel to Argentina, where I will be for one month. My plan is to sign up for spanish lessons in Buenos Aires the first two weeks, as it will probably help me alot later on. After Argentina I fly to Santiago de Chile. I have around one and a half month to get fram Santiago to Lima in Peru. I want to hike the Inca Trail and might stop in Bolivia along the way as well. From Peru my trip goes to Costa Rica. I have a few days there, before I start on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger September 29th 2010

************ NORWAY ********* OSLO The flight from Dublin to Oslo was over before we knew it. We expected a 3 hr trip looking at our tickets but didn't take in to account the 1 hour time difference. The flight was in fact only 1 hr 40. Looking down from the plane we saw the many mountains and fjords that Norway was famous for. 4 million people were spread sparsely over this scenic country. Norway has the 2nd highest standard of living in the world. Since they discovered oil off their coast in 1966, the country has boomed in every aspect. (Fishing and paper industry are also big) It has the lowest homicide rate in the world which we were glad about. We caught a coach from the airport to the central station in Oslo and then ... read more
Grassy roof
Renovated church

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger August 9th 2010

Zaterdag was het nog steeds prima weer, dus konden we mooi Preikestolen (Preekstoel) beklimmen: 2 uur hike naar een stuk fjordwand dat 600m loodrecht uit het water steekt. Redelijk op tijd begonnen, want we waren gewaarschuwd dat dit een touristtrap zou zijn, zeker in het weekend. Het viel gelukkig alles mee, af en toe haalde je iemand in. Hoewel best steil hier en daar viel de zwaarte best mee. Toch vond Henk het op de heenweg, bijna boven, nodig zn knie te vernachelen. Bovenop gekomen stond er een strakke zuidwester, waardoor op het randje gaan zitten niet zo'n goed idee leek. In volledig noorse stijl staat er geen hek, geen touw, niet eens een waarschuwing. Kan me niet voorstellen dat er niet 20 per jaar naar beneden keilen, zeker gezien de manier waarop sommigen rustig langs ... read more
op! *hips*
knap stukje rots
could have should have

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger August 6th 2010

Het plan voor woensdag was naar het Telemarken kanaal te rijden, daar met een boot het kanaal af te dalen via 10 sluizen. Aangezien we de rijtijd wat onderschat hadden (gebeurt hier vaak, wegen, zeker door de bergen, zijn 1,5-baans (voor tegenliggers moet je dus echt half naast de weg, veel blinde bochten, je schrikt je telkens weer de tering als er een tegenligger komt, en het asfalt is zeker 5 cm hoger dan het gras), er lopen schapen los die het liefst naar het midden van de weg rennen als je aankomt, en dan schaapachtig (ha-ha) gaan staan koplampstaren, en de gemiddelde snelheid ongeveer 66,6 km/u bedraagt), kwamen we te laat voor de boot. Achteraf gezien kwam dit best uit, we zijn (in de regen) naar een complex van 5 sluizen achter elkaar gereden, zagen ... read more
hebben wij in nederland ook sluizen?

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