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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 16th 2018

JULY16 HELLESYLT NORWAY This morning we awoke at 5 a.m. to witness our sailing the Geirangerfjord to the little village of the same name. We were here in 1980 and 1985 so we stayed aboard and cruised to Hellesylt where we arrived at 11 a.m.. the scenery was gorgeous (pardon the pun). The shore excursion started with the in town waterfall the head of the Storfjord. Next we drove through beautiful glacier topped valleys in Norangsdalen where there were many lakes to Leknes where we took a ferry across Hjorungsfjord to the little town of Saeba where there was an ice cream stop. Then we drove through fantastic views and tunnels to the towns of Orsta and Volda and then down the sides of the Voldsfjord and Austerfjord before going through a new 6 year old ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 2nd 2018

Arrived at our very large apartment, large even by U.S. standards, a little after 16:00 (4pm for Americans) and watched the ferry operation. The ferry dock is located perhaps thirty yards from our front door. No, there is neither noise nor excessive activity. Ferries are rather quiet, while cars, buses and transfer trucks are loaded quickly and efficiently. We walked about our large town (okay, the large part is not true) enjoying the activity and scenery. Temperature remains at record levels today, but the forecast calls for a return to reality. Oh well, nice while it lasted. We are gradually working our way north, and have noticed it is never dark; sun sets but twilight remains until it rises way before we do. We leave for the coast later this morning, and after a couple of ... read more
Approaching Ferry, Fjord and Waterfall
Town Restaurant
Valley Farming

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 5th 2016

Geiranger, 5th July. It took until 3:30 this afternoon to reach the town of Lom that we'd planned to travel to yesterday. We had no idea how windy, steep and wildly beautiful, full of photo ops the road would be. We also started the day with another short drive and then a hike to the impressive mass of Breen glacier. The drive up and over the mountains to Lom is rugged and dramatic scenery. Sun shone with snow and peaks reflected in lakes, views down valleys, short walks, and so 100km takes 4 hours! Lom itself was a super busy crossroads. Stocked up on supplies, visited the popular stave church with dragons on the roof beams, then took another scenic drive over another mountain. The weather changed as we left Lom with low rain clouds so ... read more
Breen glacier
Road from Josetdal to Lom
Lom stave church

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 1st 2016

Hard to keep up to date on blog as so much going on. Travelled to Flam and booked passage on Flam Railway. Amazing views all the way up valley with endless waterfalls and sheer drops to the left and right. Returned to motor home for dinner and a good night's rest. Up early and off to Aurland up another amazing road to a perfect viewpoint of Fjord. We continued up the mountain to a snow covered plateau. Our next stop was Hellesylt after passing a glacier and travelling through dozens of tunnels carved through the mountains. A slight delay of an hour whilst Dynamite explosion's took place to make improvements on the road. We arrived at campsite on the shore of the Geiranger Fjord and a picture perfect site for the night. In the morning we ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt June 29th 2014

0629 – Zondag -Heidal – Geiranger – Heidal (260 km) Uitstapje richting Geiranger fjord. Langs Lom, typîsch Noors dorpje. Mooie oude houten Stafkyrke. Volop toeristische troef. Autobussen schuiven aan. Verder door richting Geiranger naar de Dalsnibba (het dak van Noorwegen) waar we vorige reis bijna niets konden zien wegens de dichte mist op die hoogte. Nog volop sneeuw daar. Dan verder door afdalen naar Geiranger langs de beruchte Trollstigen. Druk verkeer op die Trollenweg en zwarte wolken boven Geiranger in de diepte doen ons besluiten halverwege rechtsomkeer te maken. Zondag en vakantie, Geiranger stad waarschijnlijk ook overvol, en we hadden het al eens gezien. Doorrijden betekende ook minstens 300km extra om rond .de Jostedalsbreem en Sognefjell gletsjer te geraken, en daar waren we ook al eens geweest. Vandaar.... read more
Onderweg naar Lom
Staafkerkje van Lom
Stroomversnellingen van Lom

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt June 15th 2014

PLEASE LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS. THEY ARE OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT WE HAVE SEEN. Geiranger Region 14 June 2014 Our "wild camp" site near Skara on highway 15 was surrounded by waterfalls billowing over sheer mountain cliffs. There was a nip in the air as there was snow on some of the peaks. We stood in the sun to drink our morning coffee. Today was the day we were going to Geiranger and to catch a ferry down the Geiranger fjorden. Our daughter Kerrie had talked so much about this fjord. She in fact called us at 2.00am Aust time when she was in a big cruise ship in the fjord. After breakfast was drove east...but didn't get too far before stopping to ooh and aah at another amazing waterfall and mountainous scenery. We stopped 4 ... read more
From Skara to Geiranger (4)
From Skara to Geiranger (8)
From Skara to Geiranger (9)

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt September 5th 2012

Last year I lost a bet in NZ. Against all odds, it was bright blue sunny day in Milford Sound – one of fjord in NZ. Since then I’m “allegedly” a lucky person when it comes to vacation. Secretly, I kinda started to believe that. It was rainy for 5 days in Istanbul – there was only 1 sunny day – which was the day where I visited the tulip park that I’ve anticipated so much. It was rainy for 2 days in Furano Hokkaido, except for 1 day where I went lavender fields hopping. And it was sunshine all the way – in the South Island NZ for at least 7 straight days. So no wonder that for this trip, I secretly banking on my “alleged” luck. I know that Geiranger had 85% chance of ... read more
Geiranger Fjord from Utsikven
Twisty Roads! (view from Utsikven)
7 Sisters Waterfall

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt September 4th 2012

I checked my watch and got worried. It’s already passed 9 and M is not here yet. He was supposed to get the car for our road trip. It’s out of his character to be so late. “Are you ok?” – I texted. He said – “yeah, I’m just outside… I’ll tell you all about it when you’re down” I was braising myself for the worse. Maybe we didn’t get the car? Or he got robbed? Or… what? Apparently the surprise was that we got a free upgrade from some random Ford to Audi A4!!! Yayyy… M was explaining that this Audi is diesel, more fuel efficient, and bunch of car babbles I don’t understand (read: care). I’m just glad there were no hiccups. Before going out of town, the first stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park. ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Salmon Smorgasbrod!
Ringebu Stavkyrkje

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt May 31st 2011

By the time we woke up we had already anchored off the shore of Hellesylt. Hellesylt is a small community that lies on Storfjord. This fjord starts at Alesund, Norway's largest fishing port and winds 50 miles before hitting Hellesylt. There are only 2 excursions scheduled at Hellesylt. The piers on Hellesyt are not big enough to accommodate a cruise ship so a tender service is provided. You could say that those who had a guided tour were taking the 'Fjord Escort!!!' Passengers not booked with an official tour were not allowed to disembark at this juncture. The ship would leave Hellesylt at approximately 11am and sail a further 10 miles to Geiranger where the Hellesylt tour parties would pick the tender back up. Refurbishment watch: The panoramic lifts have not been working since we left ... read more
The Seven Sisters waterfall, Geirangerfjord
The Delta Delay All Stars - win again!!
Roisin and Wayne!!

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