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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm October 8th 2022

7th October Flam After a bumpy voyage from Stavanger on the North Sea we arrived in the early hours of the morning to the calm waters of the Aurlandsfjord. I set the alarm early to enjoy the scenery but it was pouring with rain and the mist was low over the mountains so it was back under the covers. We arrived in Flam around 10am, we were booked on the first tour for the journey on the famous Flam Railway which we have been on twice before; one time with snow on the ground another with blue skies and sunshine but today is was grey skies and very wet! The Flåm Railway was built between 1923 and 1940 in order to assure a transport route to the fjord from Bergen and Oslo. As one of the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm September 14th 2019

Our group was leaving for the train station at 11am. The train was leaving at 12:03pm and the station was only a couple of blocks from the hotel. We had walked over to the station the previous evening on our way home from the bar and familiarized ourselves with the layout and food options. We still wanted to try and fit one more museum in before we left Oslo so we told our guides that if we were not in the lobby at 11am, we'd meet them at the train station. We got up early to make sure we were packed and ready. Hotel checkout wasn't until noon so we left our bags in the room and timed our walk to the Nobel Prize Center so we would know precisely how long we could take. The ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm June 16th 2019

Unser nächstes touristisches Highlight ist Flåm. Flåm wird ziemlich stark von Kreuzfahrtschiffen und diversen Touranbietern frequentiert, weil es ein Punkt der Norway-in-a-nutshell-Fahrten ist. Wir machen eine weitere Fjord-Tour durch den Nærøyfjord und den Aurlandsfjord, zwei schöne Arme des über 200 km langen Sognefjords. Und wir fahren mit der Bahn die wirklich spektakuläre Strecke durch das Flåmsdal nach Myrdal hoch. Die Bahn überwindet auf 20 km immerhin 850 Höhenmeter, hat ein Gefälle von 1:18 und macht eine 180-Grad-Kurve im Berg, was für eine normale Reibungsbahn (ohne Seil oder Zahnrad) beachtlich ist. Die Ausblicke sind phastastisch. Nachdem wir uns diese Touren mit unglaublich vielen Reisenden aus aller Herren Länder geteilt haben, zieht es uns in die einsame Bergsteppe. Von Myrdal aus fahren wir eine Station mit dem regulären Zug weiter und steigen auf 1.220 m in Finse rig ... read more
Finse - ein Ort wie eine Geisterstadt im Wilden Westen
Nærøyfjord, einer der vielen Arme des Sognefjord
Dorf am Aurlandsfjord

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 17th 2018

Today our journey started at 8am - and what a day it was! We walked to the train station for the first part of the journey, our train from Bergen to Voss at 8:45am. When we arrived the queue for the train was enormous but we lined up with all the other tourists. Once we were in the train I managed to snag a window seat. The train ride takes about an hour and I really enjoyed the view out the window as it was very picturesque with it mountains, waterfalls and rivers as well as the homes and farms along the way. On arrival in Voss, we were sheparded onto buses for the next part of the journey - our trip to Gudvangen. Gudvangen is a little port with the primary (probably sole) purpose is ... read more
A hamlet on the fjord
Hamlet with waterfall
So many waterfalls!

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm June 26th 2018

Here we have our drive from Bergen to Aurland, and a couple of pictures around our guesthouse. The day is simply beautiful, at least after we leave the fully overcast skies of Bergen (remember, they only have one in six sunny days). Our route, of course, follows the fjords with innumerable tunnels-the longest seven miles. Building roads here is not cheap and many incorporate a toll. They are very efficient in collecting tolls; simply register your tag with their toll website and it occurs automatically, even painlessly...until the credit card bill comes due. Our drive passes a number of waterfalls; we are sure we missed many more, but we will send the ones we liked the most. Hope you like them as well. The fjords have waterfalls around most every corner. Finally, we have a very ... read more
Knute Rockne
Roadside Waterfall
Waterfall and...

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 18th 2017

We took our time getting to Andalsnes, driving alongside fjords and crossing one by ferry. We arrived early evening, unloaded our bags and went searching for an evening meal. We thought we would try a local restaurant but there was not many to choose from. We settled on a local café that served homemade burgers. Without salads or fries they cost $30 each. So, I might as well mention at this point in the blog how expensive we found Norway, Coffee- between $6- $7.50 (tea slightly cheaper) An ordinary sandwich $15, a good one $20.... read more
Geiranger Fjord
Geiranger Town

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm September 20th 2016

Welcome to our occasional blog about our wonderful trip to the Norwegian fjords, Swiss Alps, Lake Maggiore, and Sorrento, Italy. Today we fulfilled a lifetime dream of seeing the magnificent fjords of Norway - well some of them. We departed Flåm at 9am on the small ferry that serves a few villages in the area, ending in Gudvangen. The ferry could take automobiles, but it didn't look used for that very often. Most villages have good roads going to them now. It is off-season so there was lots of room to move around the shp and catch the scenery from different locations. The fjords really were spectacular, with special emphasis on the waterfalls and reflections in the calm water. The mountains were only 3-4000 feet high at most, and most with sloping sides into the water.We ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 23rd 2016

Another sunny day dawns and I check out of my hostel ready for a move to Bergen in the afternoon. Luckily the hostel can store my main bag so I set off to the harbour area for the start of what I think is a long mountain walk. The walk is lovely, taking me up high with views looking down on the boats below, but it takes about half an hour tops, the scale of the illustrated map being somewhat deceptive. I decide to head off out of Flåm to explore the track used by cyclists doing the one way rail trip and then cycling back down, only I’m doing it in reverse obviously. The sun is baking hot and most unexpected. I’d thought there would be quite a few days of rain it being so ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 23rd 2016

I get to harbour area a little too early to actually line up for the ferry so I treat myself to an ice-cream - surprisingly cheap for Norway - and go over to the picnic tables near the beach to have a read and relax in the lovely sunshine. How lucky am I to have had such great weather for this trip? Soon it's time to head over to where my ferry is now waiting. There are only 12 people in the queue so far so I'm in luck and plonk myself in position number 13 - unlucky for some but not me as it means I'll be able to head up to the front of the boat for a prime spot. We have quite a long wait and more people start to arrive and join ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm August 22nd 2016

I find the beach area where I'm supposed to meet for my kayaking session but I'm a little early so decide to check out the Flåm Railway Museum while I wait. I'll be travelling on this line later in the day so it will be good to find out a little about its history before I go. Inside the museum are displays and old photos. Many of the photos show groups of men holding shovels and picks. Surely not! But yes they did indeed make the entire line, including digging through twenty tunnels, BY HAND!!! The work started in 1924 and wasn't finished until a whole twenty years later. It was nick named 'The Twenty Line' as it was 20km long, had twenty tunnels and took twenty years to complete. This mammoth task was pretty essential ... read more

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