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September 28th 2019
Published: October 4th 2019
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Our next adventure begins with meeting a famous dancer on the train. She is from Chicago and is the opening act for Burlesque Oslo. Todays journey takes us from Denmark, through Sweden, and into Norway. First impressions are that the country is similar to Canada; well manicured farms, Manitoba like rock walls, many lakes, and miles of forests.

Wanting to see the Norwegian countryside, it is back on the train. The scenery was constantly changing, and absolutely breath taking. At first there are densely forested areas carpeted in moss, then pastures with dozens of waddling snow geese, glacier pot lakes, cascading waterfalls, rock cropping hills, and ending with an almost apocalyptic looking landscape dotted with sporadic cabins.

Interestingly enough, we are going through several towns on the way to Myrdal. We pass through Geilo, Al, and Ski. These are all villages that have great skiing resorts. Chris is thrilled. As well, we pass through Nesbyen, which is the closest town to where Chris’ ancestors came from.

At Myrdal station, we climb on board the world famous Flam Train. Lonely Planet named this the best train trip in the planet. Beginning at the mountain peak, it winds down through 20 tunnels, and stops en route at a roaring waterfall. Suddenly you hear music, and beside ancient ruins, a woman appears as the Huldra dancing in a red dress. She keeps disappearing and reappearing while casting her spell. Slowly you pull into the town of Flam, and into the heart of the fjord.

Norway is the most beautiful European country we have visited to date. Plus, the World Bank states it is the wealthiest country in the world.

The entire city of Oslo is presently under construction as they install new tracks for the trams. After almost a month of travelling, we have not had to use our umbrellas. But today, it is pouring buckets of rain, and we are wet from head to toe. It is a good time to visit the Viking Ship Museum. Three ships were excavated from underground as when the wealthy owners died, they were than buried within their ships. Since they believed in the afterlife, their valuable belongings were buried with them, as well as their beloved horses and dogs. Many of the original treasures were plundered by grave robbers. However, on display were beautifully detailed carvings, textiles, weapons, beds, and wooden kitchen items.

Today is awkward in that we have to be out of our room at 11, and have a five hour wait before the train leaves for Stockholm, SWEDEN. There are many beautiful clothing stores in Oslo with cashmere sweaters and fine wool jackets. A shopkeeper directs us to Tim Wondelboe’s Espresso bar for the best coffee house in the city. They have won many world wide awards, and the second place trophies are placed in the washrooms. It is truly an experience, as even the cups are designed by students.

We love Norway! Takk.

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