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July 28th 2019
Published: July 28th 2019
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Another hot one! But might be the last hot one so we decided to make it a beach day. We found a very nice looking beach on the west side of Bergen right on the coast, called Kyrkjetangen. Found it ok but drove along the dirt road where it had P signs for parking and the cars were parked all along one side of this road and there was only room left for one car to drive down the road. So, after getting quite a ways down this road with no spots available, we came across a driver coming towards us who said there was no space left anyways and we would have to back all the way back out (as well as the cars that had come in behind us). Luckily we found a spot to do a 27-point turn and were at least able to drive out frontwards but the cars that were behind us had to drive backwards for over a km in a very tight lane....scary but they seem used to it. Again, seems like we had the same idea as all of Bergen to hit the beach on a hot day. So heading back, we decided to go to the other pool that our exchange family gave us passes for, called the AdO Arena. This is a 5-year old swim/dive facility and it was amazing. The main pool is the only 50-metre pool in all of Norway. Then there is an area with a really fun climbing apparatus in the pool. Another pool just for small kids. Another whole large pool just for diving. This pool was really warm and had 4 normal 1m boards, 3 500m boards, 2 normal 3m boards, then there were diving platforms at 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, and 10m. Russell did all but the 10m and only because it was closed at the time (it had been open when we got there). The first time he did the 7.5m one he was so scared he kinda screamed! Nigel tried the 5m and Rachel did the 3m. Then there were a couple of fun waterslides which actually timed your slide for you. We all competed to get the fasted time. Russell won with Nigel close behind. There was also a hot tub. The facility is the national diving centre so there was a whole large area above and beside all the pools where the divers train outside the pool with trampolines and harnesses. It was a huge facility and very nice. We will go back another day as we had so much fun. So, waterlogged, we will enjoy some fish for dinner and relax on the lovely back deck with the view and enjoy this hot weather while it lasts.

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