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June 27th 2010
Published: June 28th 2010
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Pedestrian BridgePedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge

Lovely flowers
I hate that (most) airports still require you to pay for the internet… I wrote this entry in the hope of posting before going on to Tromso, but I refuse to pay considering the entire city of Trondheim is essentially wireless.

Anyway, pretend I posted this on the 27th lol.

Rough night last night - probably the worst of all the hostels I’ve been in so far… which is still quite good since this is the first time I’ve actually been displeased with a hostel. The smell was unreal - there was a washing machine w/o a dryer, so everyone (and by the looks+smells, literally, everyone) had their clothes drying on racks in the halls - the smell of mildew was overpowering..!!

Anyway, enough complaining - on with my day =D

I got up early (curse you, early check-out times..!) and walked down to the city centre. I decided to start my day with a ferry ride over to “Munkholmen” - it’s a little, tiny island just off the coast of Trondheim which used to be used by Monks, then became a prison, and finally a German lookout point during the War. It was a neat little visit - you got to walk all through the tower (former prison) and the guide had a very dry, but at least I found funny, humour.

I liked the story about how the Monks in their prime would brew their own beer, plus they had some “maidens” to keep-house… so uhm, apparently they “had the reputation for being quite the happy Monks”. So much so that the Archbishop often had to warn them to keep it down b/c they were doing damage to the Church’s reputation haha. Haha, I love it.

We went down into the basement which is where the worst of the worst criminals were sentenced too - essentially being sent down there was a more cruel death punishment than a beheading or hanging… you would simply freeze to death when winter came along since it was so damp. Ha, suckers. It was really creepy going down there though - the stairs are simply rocks, the ceiling in the “stair-case” is so low I had to bend literally half-way down, and once you get to the bottom there are muddy puddles galore, a ceiling that is barely tall enough to stand under and just a damp,
Heading out to Munkholmen IslandHeading out to Munkholmen IslandHeading out to Munkholmen Island

Check out the reflection... absolute still water
dank feeling.

The main floor, which housed the “regular” criminals and then later became a gun storage area, has amazing acoustics lol. It’s dome-shaped. Following the storage system, it was a hospital room for the Germans - for their top soldiers and the like.

I liked the top floor haha - it’s where the privileged prisoners went. Their “cells” (so to speak) were enormous, they didn’t have to share with other criminals, and they even got their own window to look out into the ocean. Not too shabby. Oh, they could also receive gifts from their friends, so they’d receive books, clothes, food, wine etc. Yeah, not too bad.

The loft was newly constructed by the Germans to use as an air control space… they put canons up there and such to take down any “enemy” planes. They still have one of the canons down on the grounds of the tower - that was interesting to see.

Upon my return to Trondheim I puttered around the main square - I had planned on buying a new sweater at H&M (I, uhm, may or may not have left my beloved black/white/pink checkered sweater on the train from Bergen =(… boo), however, everything was closed since it’s Sunday..? I suppose?

I went to see Nidaro’s Cathedral which was stunning. I love Cathedrals - all the artistry in the architecture is so fascinating. After a walk around the grounds (another pet peeve of mine - paying to enter a Church. No thank you.), I slowly headed back towards the hostel. On the way I walked over this pedestrian bridge which gives you an amazing view of all the houses along the canal - very sharp.

Sigh, I then trekked up the San Francisco streets again haha. Much easier this time around since I didn’t have my backpack on. I grabbed my stuff and the walk back was a breeze - all downhill, baby! I got the bus station just as a “Flybus” showed up - perfect timing. The 30min ride flew by… probably because I napped through most of it.

Unfortunately, I also napped through Hell.

I love that they have a little town called Hell and that it’s RIGHT by the airport. Love.

Anyway, I checked in and am good to go for Tromso. We haHaha, I love it. We stop in Bodo
Top floorTop floorTop floor

Luxury suite for prisoners
first for 20min, but even so the total flight is only about 2hrs. Not bad. I’m sitting just outside the bar which keeps erupting into cheers and “BAHHHH”s… “football” of course. I couldn’t be bothered less - I’d much prefer to sit and watch the planes take-off and land.

(After I finish writing this, of course)

So, that is that. I’ll flying above the Arctic Circle tonight and will be there the next day and a half. I have no sweater, only my flimsy blue zip-up which provides ZERO warmth haha. Wish me luck?

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Freezer for prisoners
Nidaro's CathedralNidaro's Cathedral
Nidaro's Cathedral

Front view - amazing statues on the entire face

Street sign by the hostel, cute.

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