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August 7th 2007
Published: August 16th 2007
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Hell exists!

A hot day in Hell

If you have ever been in doubt I can now assure you that Hell exists. I know, I have been there! I can also inform you that it's hot in Hell. So now you know that too.

Let's stop pretending why I wanted to go to Trondheim in the first place. OK, Trondheim is a nice town and well worth visiting. But the place I wanted to see most of all was a small village 30 kilometres away. A village named Hell. Because the name sounds so odd in English the village draws quite a few visitors. I've been wanting to visit Hell Village for several years and now was a good time

It really was hot in Hell when I was there. That's not a joke. I was told by a Norwegian woman that on August 7 they had a tropical night, that is the temperature didn't fall below 20˚C at any time during the night, for the first time in 34 years. So it really was unusually hot that day.

The most famous place in Hell is the train station. There is a sign on the station saying "Hell". But
Hell CityHell CityHell City

It seems like Hell has it's own city
there is another sign saying "God's expedition" making the joke even better. To be honest the sign says "Gods-expedition" and not "God's expedition" and "Gods-expedition" only means "Goods depot". The sign is actually written in Swedish just because it is such a good joke. The Norwegian spelling is "Godsekspedisjon" and that is not fun at all.

Well, my reason for visiting Hell is because it's a silly thing to do, and doing silly things is right in line with my character, and because the name gives me many opportunities to joke.

If someone in the future tells me to "Got to Hell" I can now answer "Been there, done that!".

There road leading to Hell - is that what AC/DC sings about in Highway to Hell?

There is no church in Hell. I have checked it!

On I'd Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That) Meat Loaf sings "I'd run right into hell and back". I have done that!

There are rock engravings in Hell. Guess what they are called in Norwegian? Hell-eristning! (I added the dash for clarity)

Well, Hell sounds fun in English but in Norwegian it means "overhang" or "cliff cave". "Hell" can also mean "luck" in Norwegian.
Hell stationHell stationHell station

The railway station in Hell

So, is there also a Heaven? I don't know of any and a quick search on the Internet didn't give any result. But my sister once saw a sign in a museum saying there is a village in France named Heaven. Not been able to verify that though.

Additional photos below
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God's expeditionGod's expedition
God's expedition

God has an office in Hell. But is he sending people in or out?
God's expeditionGod's expedition
God's expedition

It means "goods depot" really.
Hotel from HellHotel from Hell
Hotel from Hell

I have been to a few Hotels from Hell over the years. At least here you know what to expect. Or is it perhaps One Hell of a Hotel?
Shopping centre from HellShopping centre from Hell
Shopping centre from Hell

Shopping with Emma can be boring as Hell so this shopping centre has a fitting name...

Rock engravings are actually called "helleristningar" in Norwegian. It looks funny when you are in Hell.
Rock engravingsRock engravings
Rock engravings

Hell rock engravings. Scholars say they can be 6000 years old. But they look different from other rock engravings in Scandinavia so I have my doubts.

16th August 2007

Is it dark in Hell?
Just wonder were the photos are... or is it black in Hell? Maybe we should go there to enhance the situation for the inhabitants... make life more worth terrifying, for them and the for tourists, of course!
17th August 2007

The photos were black for a few hours
The photos on Travelblog were all black for a few hours. But now they should be back again. Have a look! Ake
18th August 2007

...or maybe it was devils and demons...
...or maybe I accidentally left the gates to Hell wide open when I published the entry and devils and demons crawled out and swarmed over Travelblog and blackened all the photos...

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