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Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand August 12th 2018

So this year is a different year. I have no control over where we go, instead I'm letting a nice man with a big boat drive us to places. So we started the journey on Thursday with a dive to southampton, picking Seth up from nursery pre nap assuming that he'd sleep for the first hour..... He didn't. 2 hours in and very cheery but getting closer to actual bed time, we did a hard reset of the boy (services, changed, dummy, no peppa, hand holding) and finally he dozed. We negotiated the horror of Southampton (twice after a wrong turn) and found a co-op in the ghetto before finally getting to my friends house. Here we settled in for the night. The next morning was all too calm and organised, we should probably have expected ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 8th 2018

If you have been racking your brain trying to figure where to visit when taking a trip to Norway, perhaps my experience in Kristiansand will help guide you in making the right decision. We plotted up in the super Yess! Hotel and hit Kristiansand Touted as the largest tourist attraction in Norway, the city boasts some of the most magnificent must-visit attractions. From the Kristiansand Museum, to the Zoo, Fiskebrygga, the Gimle Gård Manor house amongst others, I couldn't get enough of what the area had to offer - all through my trip. I felt like being in some paradise on earth. Without keeping you in anymore suspense, here are 5 places everyone visiting Norway (Kristiansand in particular) should see. KRISTIANSAND CATHEDRAL As one of the largest cathedral in Nor... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand November 12th 2017

11th November - on board Aurora Embarking Southampton our erstwhile Captain informs us that we are already subject to a change of itinerary. Low pressure has been forming over Scotland and are forecast to hit the west coast of Norway on Sunday and Monday. This has meant our scheduled call to Andalsnes has been cancelled as the entrance to the Fjord makes it tricky to access in high winds. It's a shame because Aldalsnes would have been our first introduction to a Norwegian fjord. Apparently it is a typical fjord community surrounded by dramatic peaks and its painted houses give it a picture postcard charm with a backdrop of snow snow capped mountains. So our first port of call will be Kristiansand, which lies on the south coast of Norway in the Skaggerak Sea. This a ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand July 15th 2015

It's been 5 weeks since the last travel post....and 5 weeks since we've traveled, if you don't consider grocery shopping as travel I suppose :P The weather this summer in Stavanger has been, shall we say, well not summer like, nor anything like we've ever experienced in our past 2 summers here. It has provided many opportunities for long naps and getting hooked on Game of Thrones which the Skinners have stored on their movie server. Trust me, it takes the whole 5 weeks to watch 4 seasons without going blind...haha. So Barb and I decided we needed an outing to the south where we heard the sun was shining!! A short 2 hour train ride lands you in Kristiansand, on the southernmost tip of Norway. It's the 5th largest city in Norway and on first ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 26th 2014

Kristiansand Norway 23-25 June 2014 We had another lovely drive from Treungen on 23 June, again, following a rivers & fjord to Kristiansand . We decided to call into the Kristiansand Zoo & Amusement Park before getting into the town as we wanted to see some Nordic animals, just in case we don't see any in the wild. All we have seen so far was one female elk. The park was huge. It had an Asian, Nordic, African, fishing, local farming, jungle, pirate and rides and games sections. We saw the lions being fed and then the Nordic animals (Lynx, wolverine, wolf, fox). We were there for over 3 hours but I am sure some of the families would be there all day as there were water slides and other rides. We saw lots of little ... read more
Movik Fort Canon Museum Kristiansand - canon base built by Germans  (1)
Kristiansand Zoo & Amusement Park - baby giraffe trying to suckle
Christiansholm Fortress 1672 in Kristiansand (5)

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand August 31st 2009

Hey everyone! So I am moved into my dorm and I am loving it! School is so much fun and everyone is so nice. I have made lots of new friends. I am learning Norwegian bit by bit and its a little tough, but I think I will be speaking it by christmas. My Mom went back to Los Angeles yesterday and I miss her a lot. This is like the first time we will be apart since I don't even know when haha. But She is going to send me stuff so I am so excited! Oooooh also if you guys want to send me letters, I would LOVE that. The address to send me stuff is: Agder Folkehøgskole 4640 Søgne, Norway Please feel free to send me letters! I love getting mail. :) Anyways ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand January 16th 2009

Norway was a trip that is worth taking. Norway is in north Europe and is on the western side of Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway has many natural resource's that they can use. Norway has forests, an abundance of fish, uses a green alternative by using hydroelectric power. with these resources Norway makes money by making boats, working with chemicals, metals, mining, fishing and selling fish. Norway is the second largest fish exporter only China exports more fish. Since i told you about the business i guess i should mention that the climate is pretty cold because Norway is classified as a Arctic Tundra climate, there are many prehistoric glaciers still around Norway preserved by the cold. Norway also has waterfalls. As a mentioned earlier in this blog Norway is on a peninsula and as we all know ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand September 10th 2008

Tuesday 9th September It was always going to be a long day. When I typed in Kristiansand into the TomTom on departing Bergen at 10:15 it reckoned my arrival time would be 19:30. Well cheery. It's only 500km but you have to account for the ferry crossings around Bergen and Stavanger and the fact that there is no Norwegian translation for dual carriageway - let alone Motorway. Still I figured I could beat that geriatric estimate - I think TomTom counts a typical road user as someone on life support on their last journey ever. Well beat it I did, but not massively - I hit Kristiansand at 18:15. Eight hours straight on the bike, save for 2x20 minute ferry crossings and fuel stops I took no breaks. I even maximised my time by eating on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 10th 2008

A big hello from Norway - after 3 weeks I finally reached what was to be the start of my cycle trip!!! I just caught two ferries in the last 3 days. One from Gothenburg, Sweden to Denmark and the other from Denmark to Kristiansand, Norway. But just in case you were thinking that's a bit of a cheat seeing as I'm supposed to be cycling all the way, well I took in a couple of detours one to the very tip of Denmark and the other to an huge sand dune which has literally swallowed a lighthouse. Both impressive sights... more below. So it was with a bit of a heavy heart that I finally left Sweden. My last evening in Gothenburg at the lovely clean hostel I got chatting with a Portuguese guy living ... read more
Gothenburg has a bit of San Francisco feel in places!
I'll miss the amazing swedish sweet selections...
Gothenberg from the ferry

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand October 11th 2007

Nå er det bare 1 vaksine og 1 uke igjen til jeg reiser. Sekken er tom, og jeg har ikke peiling på hva jeg skal ha med meg. Tenkte jeg bare skulle legge til denne lille teksten, for å se om folk mottar e-post når jeg lager et nytt innlegg!... read more

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