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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lakselv June 9th 2015

NORVEGE 4 : un jour avant... NORRUEGA 4 : un dia antes... texto en castellano despues del frances... Vous semblez aimer nos photos... en voici donc qui vont de Mehamn à Olderfjord... Patience pour tous : demain ce sera le Cap Nord... Vous vous poserez certainement des questions quant à l'herbe qui pousse sur le toit des maisons... En voici les explications : Dans les temps anciens, il était courant de faire pousser de l’herbe sur le toit des maisons norvégiennes. Les toits des chalets étaient fabriqués à partir d’écorce d’arbre et pour l’empêcher de bouger les gens faisaient pousser du gazon sur le dessus. Le gazon sur le toit était également bon pour l’isolation et gardait le chalet au chaud pendant l’hiver et au frais pendant l’été. Nous sommes restés dans les environs du Cap ... read more
pas de souci, on est pas sur la lune...
cascades en masse
boulangerie de Mehan... une des rares du pays !

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway June 8th 2015

NORVEGE 2 – petit retour en arrière - NORRUEGA 2 – pequeña vuelta por atras.... Texto en castellano después del frances... Aujourd'hui pas beaucoup d'explications car à vous d'admirer le paysage comme nous l'avons vu nous-mêmes... je ne prends pas le temps de renommer les photos car ce serait un travail de deux soirées au moins... A vous d'imaginer... Nous sommes partis de Tana Bru qui n'a rien d'extraordinaire à raconter pour nous rendre à Berlevag... Je mettrai deux blogs avec des photos tellement il y en a de belles... Nous avons eu notre température la plus fraîche et même un peu de neige, mais le ciel bleu était souvent là pour nous réchauffer en tous les cas le cœur... Berlevag : c'est un hameau du célèbre roman Le Festin de Babette, de la danoise Karen ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø May 13th 2015

Tromsø, Norway 2014/12/30-2015/01/05 After celebrating Christmas with my family and skiing for a few days, my mom, her best friend and I flew from Vienna to Tromsø, losing our luggage in Oslo at a layover. Tromsø is a beautiful town with approximately 72,000 inhabitants, situated 344km above the polar circle, in the province Troms, in northern Norway . It’s famous for the most northern university, most northern beer-brewery and most northern cathedral worldwide. Not quite the expected When we arrived it was dark, even though it was just around 4pm and it was raining- not at all what we expected, visiting a place so far up north. We thought it would be a few degrees below zero (°C) and it may be snowing. But due to extensions of the Gulf Stream the climate in Tromsø is ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lofoten Islands April 23rd 2015

Introduction From cruising near the roof of the world whilst enjoying a Midnight Sun Safari to enjoying a cruise on the magnificent Adriatic Sea, this year’s list of the best summer trips showcases some of the globe’s wildest and awe-inspiring sights. Get inspired and go to the top 3 summer destinations of 2015 as follows: 1. 1. Lofoten, Nordland, Norway- Midnight Sun Safari From late May through to Mid-July, the midnight sun’s never-ending rays in northern Norway’s Lofoten archipelago produce around-the-clock daylight. Located north of the Arctic Circle in the Norwegian Sea, the fairy-tale Lofoten, with its quaint fishing hamlets and jagged peaks is the departure point for unforgettable midnight sun safaris. In fact, one of the most spectacular sights you are likely to ever experience is a midnight voyage in the open water where the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø January 8th 2015

Linde has arrived in Tromsø! She wanted snow when she would arrive in Tromsø, and snow she has found. In the first few days since she arrived, it has been snowing the whole time. Whole villages were shut off from the outside world because the roads couldn’t be kept clear of snow. From now on we have a car that we can borrow for our remaining time here. It is an old car, both the front doors can’t be opened, the rear suspension is pretty much gone and some of the lights don’t work. But the important parts are still ok, and the car starts every time without any problems. I had to replace all four wheels to winter tyres (with spykes), but after that it was good to go. In the Netherlands people often complain ... read more
Pink northern lights
Northern lights and clouds

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Alta January 5th 2015

The first alone expierence among the northern part of Europe. Great feelings amd discoveries... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø December 25th 2014

Christmas eve. My colleagues are gone to celebrate Christmas with their families, so have my neighbours. I am completely alone. Not a living soul around for perhaps 2 kilometres, except for the two older brothers (89 and 91 I believe) that live in the other house here, about 700 meters away. I haven’t seen them for a while, maybe they are gone as well. But I am not all alone, as I was ‘watering the flowers’ outside in the evening, a whale came as close to the shore as any I have seen or heard so far! Even after five weeks of relentless whale watching, the sound of their breathing is something spectacular, and I feel privileged to hear it so often. In the last few nights there has been quite a lot of northern lights ... read more
A whale near my cabin
On the way to work
There is a lot I need to do here before Linde arrives...

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø December 19th 2014

So finally, the inevitable happened. I fell. The problem is, it has been snowing, and the snow has been compressed by cars, shoes, bikes etc. In some areas the roads are now literally smooth and icy enough to go ice-skating. I have these metal spikes that you can put under the shoes, here they are called ‘grandma socks’, but, being Dutch and all, I just had to fall at least once for me to realise that it might be nice to actually start using them. So I slipped and fell. Luckily I have been equipped since my childhood with a extraordinary thick skull, and I have reason to believe that my skeleton was reinforced with the strongest metal on earth during a super secret governmental experiment of which I have no memory, so I was fine. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø December 9th 2014

Afgelopen vrijdag werd ik uitgenodigd voor een feestje bij de buren verderop in de straat. Op dit feest waren alleen de heren uit de straat (of een deel daarvan) uitgenodigd. Dat geeft al enige indicatie van het soort avond en de activiteiten die gepland staan voor zo’n feest; een bier-proef-wedstrijd. Er was ook een maaltijd, met het traditionele ‘lutefisk’ (kabeljauw met schoonmaakmiddel, heel even in de oven, zodat de boel een bijna vloeibare pudding structuur krijgt. Deze narigheid wordt geserveerd met een erwtenpuree, bijna erwtensoep en heel veel spek (en gesmolten boter). Dat gedeelte van de maaltijd was dan wel weer erg lekker. De maaltijd zelf was enigszins ondergeschikt aan het bierproeven. In Noorwegen maken alle bierbrouwerijen (en dat zijn er meer dan ik dacht) tenminste één speciaal kerstbier. Het idee was om in een teams ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø November 20th 2014

Om half zeven ging de wekker op dinsdag 18 november 2014, maar lang daarvoor was ik al wakker. Had ik alles al ingepakt, was ik echt niets vergeten te kopen, waar had ik mijn paspoort ook alweer gelaten? De ervaring leert dat je altijd wel iets vergeet, en dat die dingen je meestal vijf minuten na vertrek te binnen schieten, maar dan is het al te laat. Nou ja, zo lang je de belangrijkste zaken maar bij je hebt dan komt het allemaal wel goed. Met dat idee ging ik op pad en ik vertrok om kwart voor acht richting Schiphol. Het inchecken was allemaal gelukt, ook al wordt ik meestal een beetje chaotisch van vliegvelden. Het eerste dat ik was vergeten was deodorant. Op het vliegveld heb ik dat nog snel even gekocht, want twee ... read more
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