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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kautokeino August 26th 2020

Na twee jaar geleden mijn hike in Abisko te hebben beëindigd lonkte daar al even de Nordkalottleden die nog verder gaat naar het Noorden. En dit jaar was het zover, ware het niet dat door alle coronaperikelen ik op zoek moest naar een alternatieve start, omdat Noorwegen de grens met Zweden nog steeds dicht liet. Een alternatief startpunt in Noorwegen ter hoogte van Altevatn. Vanaf Narvik bracht de bus me naar Setermoen en daar was het even kijken wat er qua lift of taxi te regelen viel. Toevallig zat er ook een meneer in de bus die daar met een grote backpack uitstapte en het plan had om twee weken de bergen in te gaan om te wandelen en te vissen. We deelden een taxi naar Insett. Op de radio hoorden we dat Nederland vanaf die ... read more
Eerste bos (en muggen)
Nacht 1
Eerste kudde rendieren!

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Honningsvag February 27th 2020

Day 6 of our cruise of the Arctic Circle with MS Kong Harald, and we sailed through Oksfjord and Hammerfest during the night. After breakfast, there's a Point of Interest talk on Deck 7, as we sail through Mageroysundet, about the Sami people and reindeers. It was really interesting but don't ask me to quote any fun facts, unfortunately I don't retain information unless I write it down. We arrrive in Honningsvag at 11.15am and have another shore excursion booked - The North Cape. This is one of the northernmost points on the European continent and during our 45minutes bus trip we marvelled at the spectacular sub-Arctic landscape. The latitude is North 71.10.21 degrees and the plateau itself soars 307 metres, almost vertically, above the Arctic Ocean. The North Cape is the point where the Norwegian ... read more
North Cape
The iconic 'globe' sculpture
'Children of the Earth' monument

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø February 26th 2020

During the night we sailed through Stokmarknes, Sortland and Risoyhamm but was sound asleep so didn't notice the short 15minute stops. We arrived at Harstad at 6.45am and stopped at port for an hour, but was it was too early to get up plus we had a shore excursion booked later in the day. Sailing further north, the temperature has been getting colder and there's also been a lot more snow. In fact, there's been so much that one of the crew goes out onto Deck 7 with a hand held plough, scooping up the snow and throwing it into the ocean. We watch him work and take lots of photo's as I find it fascinating (is this wrong???). It's nice seeing all the snow on the deck, and I love going out into the fresh ... read more
Clearing the snow from the deck - MS Kong Harald
Finnsnes - covered in snow
All kitted out for dog sledding

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Brønnøysund February 25th 2020

During the night we sailed through Bronnoysund, Sandnessjoen, and Nesna and at 7.45am this morning there is an announcement that we would be crossing the Arctic Circle. Not wanting to miss it, we head to Deck 7 and carefully make our way outside to get a glimpse of the famous globe shaped marker located on a small island which marks 66 degrees 33 minutes north, between Nesna and Ornes. This marks the southernmost point in the Northern Hemisphere where the sun stays above or below the horizon during the respective solstices. As we pass, the ship's horn is sounded and we are now officially above the circle. There is so much ice on the deck, you have to really be careful not to slip over and with so many people all clamouring for photo's it was ... read more
Baptism ceremony - crossing the Arctic Circle
Enjoying a Cloudeberry Schnappes
Up close with a Viking

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø August 13th 2019

Maria Chiara agreed to marry me last time we visited Norway, so the country is very close to both of our hearts. Now three years on we came back as husband and wife. Appropriately it was to attend a wedding... we're still at that age where most travel plans are based around a wedding - ours or someones else's! The groom was an old friend of Maria Chiara's from her year attending university in Trondheim many years ago: "Magnus" by name, and by nature. She used to massage this particular viking by walking across his back. That was a very formative year for my wife: most people at university are relatively short of money, but if you choose to study in one of the world's most expensive countries it makes for a lot of nights in. ... read more
Xave in Kvaloya
Tromso from above
A shaft of sunshine at 12:30pm

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø July 26th 2019

Cruise day 12 Tromso, cable cars, seals, lots of walking and very expensive drinks in a rock bar 26th July 2019 Over £15 for a beer and a coke!! Okay so the rock bar was pretty cool with dishes named after the Ramones, The Clash, Motorhead and Dead Kennedys for example, but I’m glad Claire had offered to pay! There were posters of many great bands as well as framed records etc but the music they were playing was dreadful!! I have no idea what it was but if I ever hear it again it will be too soon. Prior to that we had done some walking around Tromso. The time before that we came here it was Winter so everywhere was covered in snow. This time the sun has been out and Claire is glad ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø July 26th 2019

Arriving in the morning, Glyn quickly spotted the Arctic Cathedral through our porthole - we had arrived In Tromsø, the largest northern settlement in Norway. The sun was shining, the sky blue and the breeze welcoming. We walked to the nearby Polaria which like most (if not all) attractions in Tromsø is all about cold stuff. This began with a panoramic film about Svalbard, featuring very cute polar bears but no blue foxes. We walked through informative yet depressing displays about the glaciers melting and why the arctic ice is required to reflect heat off the planet on which we reside. Maps illustrated the shrinking ice over the decades and marks high in the walls displayed how much thinner the ice became each year (47 cms). They explained how arctic ice gives scientists information on climate ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 25th 2019

Cruise day 11 Whales, whales everywhere and British night 25th July 2019 With no alarm set we still made it in time for breakfast and were joined by Andy and Mo. I really am surprised how many super people there are on this cruise so honourable mentions also to Richard, Sonya, Cathy, Pat, Clive, Veronica, Trevor and the Orca gang. There are more but, sorry, I don’t know your names! Our tribe are great and have really helped make the cruise so special. Today has been a sea day as we head to Tromso and we have seen many whales and, the highlight, a dolphin leaping compeletely out of the water. I’ve seen a fin whale, a blue whale and many humpback whales so it’s been pretty special. We haven’t always sat or stood outside as ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 24th 2019

Cruise day 10 Pyramiden, a blue fox, a smurf factory and possibly the best guide in the world July 24th 2019 Today we saw the most northernmost piano and drum kit in the world, the latter of which Robert Plant had a bash on just three weeks ago. And they weren’t the highlights of the day! Imagine a day that good that the most northernmost piano and drum kits aren’t the highlights....go on....try.... You can’t can you? Exactly. So, after breakfast our tour gathered in the Neptune Lounge before being shepherded downstairs to our tender. The weather was warm (for here!) but it was quite nippy on the boat so I went mad and zipped my coat up. Crazy days. Not too far away was Pyramiden, named after the pyramid shaped mountain behind it. It was ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Longyearbyen July 23rd 2019

Cruise day 9 Longyearben and Svalbard July 23rd 2019 It’s been a long wait but today we finally set foot on Svalbard which is as far north as you can go without being on an expedition. The town of Longyearben is the northernmost permanent settlement with over 1000 residents on the planet. We’ve been waiting a while and spent some money to get here! We had booked a private tour to get the most out of our day and were a bit worried when the guy we had been in contact with told us he had left the company. We were going ashore earlier than anticipated so Claire messaged him and luckily got a reply giving us our guide’s name. The shuttlebus into town took ages to set off and just a few minutes to arrive ... read more

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