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May 1st 2019
Published: October 5th 2019
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Day 37, 01.05.19. Wednesday.

Moved my camp a few kilometers north-east last friday, some people I'm not familiar with have seen my camp so it's wise to move within a week in case some of them decides to give my camp a visit while I'm away.

I'm not hard to spot, running around with a bright blue wind-jacket and a funny hat that is made by the indigenous people of Peru. My guess is that I'm easily identified from a distance of a kilometer or maybe two.

Thinking of moving camp today as well, need a sunnier place and there are some type of small black insects here that crawl everywhere, they look like a ladybeetle-larva only that they're metallic-black and much smaller. I've also found them on my late cat occationally, but never came around to find out what they are. But I'm not moving while my tent is still wet. It's too close to a road as well and some have even stopped right outside my camp for a sigarette and a phone-call. They don't see my tent, but it's only a matter of time. Other than that, I've been visited by an elk at night, stomping around the campsite. Also seen foxes and hares, seen and heard the predatory birds occationally. I think it's a hawk, maybe a goshawk?

My shape is good now, I'm thin but haven't been ill for a while so I'm gaining strength and fat each day, the water from the streams here is crystal clear and really good, better than any tapwater in the world. I never cook it, no need for that here, and this time I'm sure 😉 Ok, ok, if most animals in this area would happen to use the stream I use for drinking as an emergency toilet, yes, of cource I would come down with a nasty illness again, but I'm not so afraid of those things as most people. Though, maybe I should be? Considering it almost ended my trip to begin with...

Today is around one week beyond my previous record of being outside without sleeping indoors, last time I was out like this I spent maybe 29 days outside at a place called Finnskogen, it's been 8 years since that challenge and what a time! Finnskogen is among the most healthiest nature-areas in Norway that I know of and the wildlife is stunning. By the first week I had spotted numerous doe-deers, elks, foxes, a badger, capercaillies, and according to a hunter I met during my daily walks, there was a female bear located just 500 m from my camp at that time. I never saw it, but I could swear I heard something big breaking branches just inside the rim of the forest line during the nights. She probably only was a bit curious about me, I don't believe for one second that they are inherently dangerous and aggressive. They might be if you scare them or act like you're prey, sure, no doubt there...

But who wouldn't go on the offense if it means saving your life? A lot of the attacks have probably occured after hunters or people misunderstand how to behave in situations meeting wild animals that are potentially dangerous. I might too, not saying othervise as I'm by no means an expert in animal behavior.

It was so easy to hunt in Finnskogen that I could have easily survived with a knife only, though I don't like to kill if I don't have to, so I walked 30 km both ways twice a week instead to the nearest shop for food 😊

My brothers viewed the trip as a failure, but in my perspective I'd already got what I came for, even though I didn't live from hand to mouth as I was supposed to, I got the confirmation that I could. There was no need, I knew it was too easy so what's the point in doing it then? I had to throw in the towel after being soking wet for 5 days in a row, I didn't have a tent with me at that point in time, actually I've never had a tent with me up until this trip. I usually built my own shelters or slept under the stars, though the shelters were temporary at best, as I found out staying outdoors for almost 30 days. I'm definitely going back to Finnskogen this trip, it's going to be my next stop after I've rested up here and I'm looking forward to seeing it again 😊


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