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July 1st 2008
Published: September 30th 2017
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OK - last night, I actually saw some homeless person sleeping upright inside of this tube. Disturbing ...
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The same couple was fooling around in the shower again this morning. I wondered if the three senoritas from yesterday all showered together, to save time. I imagined them scrubbing each others' backs, and washing each others hair ... uh ... where was I going with this? I seem to have lost my train of thought ... Oh yeah - later on, I saw the couple gobbling down breakfast in the kitchen - they must've worked up quite the appetite after burning all those calories in the shower!

I said goodbye to Ian and Kylie, as they were leaving today - very nice but very overly-chatty couple. I wonder what other travelers say about me? "Gives good travel tips but gets REALLY creepy with the whole Spanish senorita fetish ..."

Off to the harbour for the ferry to Bydgoy, where I would be visiting a number of museums today. I was killing a bit of time - I purchased the Oslo card and it's good for 24 hours from the first use, so if I activate it after 10:00 AM I might be able to use it one more time tomorrow morning for the Nobel Peace museum. Saw a beautiful senorita

Guess who I ran into on the street? The happy young couple that likes to fool around in the showers! They look tired, I wonder why?
on the ferry; later chatted with the grandfather and found out that they are from Mexico City. Hmmm ... need to visit Mexico City one day ...

First up was the Viking Ship museum - nothing terribly exciting there, unfortunately. Well, other than the odd Spanish tour group, which is always exciting for me! Next was the open-air folk museum - the only thing interesting is a Norwegian Stave church. Overall, the museum was a bit like Heritage Park back in Calgary - in other words, blah ...

The next few museums all had nautical themes - the Kon-Tiki, Fram, and Maritime museums, in that order. The Kon-Tiki was the best of the bunch, and the Maritime museum was the worst. The "highlight" of the Maritime museum was a panoramic movie of Norway shown over five split screens. Entitled "The Coast: A Way of Life", it was probably quite impressive, oh ... 20 years ago, but definitely not today!

I hopped the ferry back to town, found a call shop, and booked my hotel for Kalmar, in a few days. I had some trouble as the girl didn't speak much english, but unfortunately it was the only budget accommodation in town, and

Egon is a big chain of family restaurants in Norway. They've got all you can eat pizza - I'm strongly considering doing that and eating from when they open until when they close. Maybe I can store enough calories to make it through Scandinavia ...
there is no email address.

The Stockholm-Helsinki ferry was also booked, but only after a short break - the operator told me that their computer system was down, so I had to call back in a short time. I went back to the call shop after a quick snack and finished my business - it was a pain using this place, because the individual call cabins weren't able to call to Sweden, so I had to write down the numbers for the desk worker and get him to call the number for me. It ended up costing me about $10 CAD for three or four short phone calls!

Next up was Frogner park - in a word, it was INCREDIBLE! It was entirely designed by Gustav Vigeland, from the sculptures to the landscaping. While I still think Rodin is in a class of his own, some of the sculptures looked like Rodin's work with a bit of a surrealist bent. Some of the figures were almost boxy, and somewhat resembled stark Soviet art and architecture. Vigeland's work just doesn't have the svelte figures that ooze sensuality, as you find with Rodin. I don't think Vigeland always goes for that look anyway,

I had two awesome types of yogurt this morning. The first was chocolate with crunchy hazelnut balls - it was more dessert than breakfast but no complaints from me!
but in the cases that he does try, he falls short.

This park was absolute Heaven for me, mostly because of the abundance of sculptures (my fave!). The scale of Vigeland's work is incredible - he was personally on site for 20 years overseeing construction. He barely lived long enough to see the fruition of his work. There's a cool labyrinth on the ground near the fountain - it supposedly takes an hour to trace the correct path, so I didn't bother.

And what have the insane food prices in Norway done to me? I also passed a beautiful girl carrying six pizzas and didn't look twice or drool over her - but I DID look at the pizzas several times, and almost slipped on my puddle of drool that formed at the smell of them! I couldn't take my eyes off of her big, round, succulent ... pizzas ... what did you think I was going to say?

I did one last load of free laundry - while waiting, I went to the internet cafe in the train station. I heard from Rob and Pervez, my tapas buddies from San Sebastian! It was good to hear from them -

The second one had a separate compartment of blueberry sauce that you mixed in with the yogurt and rice mixture. It was quite hearty, if yogurt can be hearty.
but sadly, Pervez never made it to Toledo, citing train troubles. This is fate! Despite Pervez offering to mail it to Toledo, I told him not to bother. It's funny - I expected to be disappointed, but really felt nothing. I guess it's the whole "What the hell, it's a shot in the dark" approach I took to it.

Of course ... it's entirely possible that Pervez DID make it to Toledo, but fell in love with Isabel instantly and decided to keep her for himself! But I could never blame him for that - it's a completely understandable thing to happen to a guy when he is in Spain!

Back to the hostel - what the heck? Three hours later and my laundry was STILL being washed? This was bizarre because the time remaining is shown right on the machine - it should have been done by now, not have another 90 minutes remaining! It turns out that somebody threw in some clothes or towels without checking and washed everything again! At least these clothes will be REALLY clean ...

Time to eat - I grabbed a kebab for 29 Kroner ($6 CAD). There are still some deals to be

Tunez Sanchez - is this the cousin of the more famous "Dirty"?
found here! It was the other kebab style that is more common in Eastern Europe, where it is massive and you treat the bread like a basket, and eat the contents with a fork. Lots of corn, lettuce, onion, and tomato. I chowed down as I walked down Johan Gate and gave some directions to a couple of lost old ladies. I handed over my map as I wouldn't be needing it any more.

Back to the hostel - I had to keep bothering the hostel receptionist to let me into the laundry room to check on how my clothes were drying. I guess they have problems with guests stealing soap so they need to lock things up. It wasn't any bother for me, because she was quite beautiful! I apologized for constantly bothering her, only to be told "No, please do not apologize, it is no bother." Arrgh ... beautiful, sweet, AND a cute accent? Why does Europe keep tempting me??? What did I originally rate this hostel, 8.5 senoritas out of 10? I need to bump that up to 9.5 now!

I went back to my room, hoping to find three senoritas for new roommates, but it was empty

The Stave church in the open-air museum. Apparently there is a Byzantine influence in the design because the Vikings actually journeyed as far as the Mediterranean.
😞 I tried going to bed despite the horrible heat in the room. It was funny because it has quite a high ceiling and is fairly airy, so it didn't make any sense for it to be so hot. Ian and Kylie complained that while you could open the door, that might not be a great idea if the garbage bin outside happens to be smelly.

At 2:30 AM I awoke, needing to use the bathroom. I've developed a habit of passing through the kitchen every time I do this, in the hopes that I encounter some more senoritas chatting, eating, or simply just sitting there talking sexily and looking pretty. Instead, I ran into two annoying Dutch guys, who I remembered from the first night. They wouldn't shut up and talked to everyone that walked by, and also attempted to hit on the three Spanish girls from that first night. Hee hee, I remember the senoritas giving them the cold shoulder - at least they were nice enough to chat with me for a bit! Anyway, they kept talking to me as I tried to extricate myself from the situation. Please just SHUT UP and let me go to

The inside of the Stave church - they are very dark inside and with incense burning back in the day, it was a very other-worldly experience.

Additional photos below
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The sign says "Don't feed the animals", but says nothing about feeding the humans ... maybe I can finally eat through the generosity of my fellow tourists!

I gained a newfound appreciation for animals, here. I can't afford to eat any of them in Norway, and I don't appreciate it! Seeing these animals, I had an idea for lunch ...

I then saw these BBQs and had a PLAN for lunch ...

This was taken inside of a house selling Norwegian pancakes. It was very hot and crowded, which would normally bother me to no end. But given that it was hot and crowded with Spanish senoritas ... well ... I didn't complain, for once!

The pancake - very simple, it's sweet and served with only some butter. Not that great, but it curbed my hunger for only a couple of Euros.

This sign advertised the prices to go into the petting zoo. I really didn't want to pay that much to go into the zoo unless admission included cutting up and eating the animals.

The Norwegian version of "The Matrix"?

The Kon-Tiki museum was really cool - a guy named Thor Heyerdahl built the Kon-Tiki in 1947 using pre-modern techniques and sailed from Peru to Polynesia, in an effort to prove that South Americans could have colonized Polynesia.

He built the Ra II years later and sailed from Morocco to Barbados, to show that Africans could have populated the Americas.

The Fram museum houses a boat specially designed to survive the pressure of being caught, and flowing with the Arctic ice. On a voyage through the Arctic, it actually drifter for three years as PART of the ice! Overall, the Fram museum was kind of boring.

In the Maritime museum - though I knew the food was fake, I still wanted to eat it.

Even the dog's dish tempted me ...

While waiting between phone calls at the call shop, I grabbed a Calzone at a local fast food chain called Bit. Ham and cheese, it was dry and crappy - probably sitting around for some time.

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