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June 17th 2006
Published: June 17th 2006
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hahahaha, don't worry people, everything's okay. Was camping on Langøyene Island in the Oslo fjord when some scumbag decided to take my passport, creadit card and plane tickets from my (locked) bag. But this eventuated in being escaorted by boat across the harbour by two gorgeous men in uniform to cancel my card, and then escorted by police car to my hostel, so it's all good. The only downside is that the consulate is closed until Monday, so I'll go back to the campsite until Monday morning and then return to town and try to organise a new passport and ticket. Hopefully I can sort out my flight to London at the same time.

Other than the crime, Oslo seems a very nice place - no masses of old buildings like Amsterdam, but relatively quiet, not over-built, and nearly everyone speaks english, so it's easy enough to do everything you need to do (send postcards, get directions, cancel a credit card etc.).

So I will be away from a computer until Monday. Hello to all, and will try to email everyone on Monday when I'm back in the city.



17th June 2006

What th...?!
Two gorgeous men in uniform?! HEY!... :)
20th June 2006

bugger. that's not very nice of them... hope it all works out and you get your stuff back.

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