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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 19th 2014

Yesterday (Friday) was unreal.... I was so excited to see tiesto!! I woke up just in time to catch the free breakfast too, so it started off as a good day. The food is simple but satisfying, consisting of whole wheat bread, 3 kinds of cereal, orange slices, milk, coffee, and peanut butter and nutella. We've been somewhat successful getting up everyday in time, but we have had a couple of days where we just stay in bed. Joon had stayed out last night pretty late with his friends, so unfortunately he was still asleep, but Will and I got up and started our days. We went to a Starbucks to try and get some work done while we were waiting for Joon. He didn't wake up until 1:30 pm.... Which is totally fine, this has ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 18th 2014

Today was probably the most interesting day of the trip. I don't mean it in terms of intellectual appeal, but shock factor. Today was the day I set foot in the red light district. Will and I woke up this morning to find Joon gone already. We had to get a head start on our day too, so we decided to do a little morning workout before having lunch. I went back to Fit for Free, while Will had a run around Vondel Park. I can't lose too much muscle while I'm out here on this trip, so even though I would've loved to go on a run with him I had to go workout. I got back around 1:30 pm to find that Will had already showered and was waiting on me to go buy ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Groningen December 17th 2014

inspiration I am new to this thing, but I can promise I will always try share the love to the world I have. Sunrises, morning coffee, careless moments and glass of wine on the beach. Let me inspire you. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 17th 2014

Will had spent the night at his ex gf's college, so Joon and I were on our own for today. We woke up pretty late today, past the free breakfast time, and got up to head over to the gym. It's been awhile since we've both had time to get workouts in, so we almost had a desperate urge to find an affordable gym. We finally found one called Fit for Free, a really crappy gym with basic workout equipment, shoddy locker rooms, and peeling roof tiles. Joon forgot his wallet though, and I only had money for myself, so he had to go back unfortunately. I stayed and payed about 10 euros for two days, which I thought was worth it. I met up back with Joon at the hostel around 2:45 pm, and to ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 16th 2014

We got up at 8 am this morning, simply because we had all fallen asleep the night before at 5:30 pm.... there's no need to do math, we just slept for a crazy amount of hours. Part of it had to do because we didn't get much sleep during the transition day over here, but it still felt amazing when we woke up. The Hostel was having complimentary breakfast for all of its guests, which is a buffet style meal with a variety of morning foods like hard boiled eggs, milk, coffee, orange juice and bread slices. We ended up getting down there around 9:30 and stayed for a whole hour, and yes we kept eating through that entire hour. I hadn't really had anything the night before, except 2 slices of pizza.... The experience at ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 15th 2014

So, this is a real change of pace from my normal emails. But Amsterdam is more than hash Kasbahs, brown cafes, red light district, Heineken beer, canals, and Rembrandt. Earlier this month, a glow-in-the-dark bike path inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” was unveiled in the town of Nuenen in the Netherlands. Illuminated by solar-powered LED lights, the cycling route kicks off url= Gogh 2015, a year-long cultural celebration of the famous Dutch artist. img= read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 15th 2014

We were very excited to finally arrive in Amsterdam at around 11 pm, it was the start of yet another great adventure. We didn't get so lost this time, the transportation system here is also very sophisticated but simple. We got something similar to the Oyster card called a chipperkort or something like that, which has pre-loaded credit and scans on every trolley to satisfy the payment. These things resemble trolleys from San Francisco to me, so I'm going to go ahead and just call them trolleys. Anyway, we headed straight for our hostel after Will had purchased his Eurorail ticket to Milan. It's called the Flying Pig Hostel, located about 30 minutes walking distance outside of central Amsterdam.. the red light district is pretty much the main attraction there. It's kind of nice to be ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 6th 2014

Amazing weekend in Amsterdam and Amsterdam Light Festival...... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 2nd 2014

Started out early this morning, to go on a canal cruise around the waterways of Amsterdam. But, before I did, I decided on a waffle for Breakfast and a nice stroll down to the pickup point. The cruise was around an hour and a half, which took you from the new area to the old area, around the red light district, and into the main bay area where all ships come and go from. From there we continued seeing central station, the floating Chinese restaurant, the replica ship at the Maritime museum, onto the Music theatre and the Hermitage Museum. This is where I left the cruise to wander to have some lunch in a dinky little pub, and then a walk down to the Rembrant Square. There was a lot of little stalls from a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 1st 2014

Flying to Amsterdam from Leeds.. was a long day, after catching 2 buses and then waiting for the international flight to Amdsterdam. Finally arriving at my hotel at approximately 9pm, it was time to get some well deserved rest. 1st day of December, In Amsterdam, and the temperature of just 2c. Rugged up I went out for the day, visiting the Ice, I Amsterdam area, also doing a tour of the Coster Diamonds Museum, and shop and got to try on some wonderful diamond rings while there. And yes a replica of the Royal Crown...all those diamonds.. From there I met for lunch with a friend who lives in Amsterdam. Erik met me at the Van Gough museum and then we made our way to lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and of course meeting Erik. ... read more

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