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November 26th 2012
Published: October 1st 2017
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I had a good day today, despite no Keegan. It was overcast in the morning, so it was a good day to go to the rijksmuseum. The museum is under construction, so it was a bit confusing to find the entrance. I had no wait for tickets at all but was able to ea straight up to the desk and pay. No line at coat check either.

The ground floor of the museum holds artifacts from the Dutch golden age...both about empire building and about the republic. My favorite artifact was the model ship ... A Dutch man of war (72 guns, think). It was not a model of a real ship but of an ideal ship, named for the king of England, William. I also loved the large doll house, decorated in period. But then miniatures of any type are very appealing.

Upstairs focuses on art. I loved the modern light pendant at the top of the stairs. Almost all paintings had descriptors, which was nice. The classics were there: lots of Rembrandt works, of course, and two Vermeers (although two others were out on tour). One of my favorites was a snow, skating, city scene...lots of small characters so it became more of a where's Waldo than anything. People were skating, flirting, peeing (and I love the fact that the tombstone describes one man as 'having a pee'😉, falling down, eating, chatting...it's a very fun scene. It was also fun to compare the officers of the diapers guild with the night watch...although I thought the night watch was of later vintage. In any case, you can see why no one but the captain of the night watch was pleased with the painting. This must be especially true of the men who were cut out when the painting was resized upon its move to a new building.

After a couple of hours in the museum, it was time for lunch. I located wagamama...actually located it instead of stumbling across it...of which I was very proud of myself. Had a good lunch and watched two young women playing chess in the square. They played through the rain and the advice of passersby and onlookers. It was good entertainment.

By the time I was done, the rain and let up and we were blessed with brief blue sky. I walked down to the central station and took the free ferry across the water to get a closer look at the EYE film museum. It's a good building... Lots of cool angles. I took lots of photos then walked along the waterfront until the path ended, returned, and found the ferry waiting for me (the odds of that are good because they run two continuously, and it takes just three minutes to load and three minutes to cross). I had to find a pharmacy (which I did), then, as it was late afternoon, returned to the hotel for coffee.

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Amsterdam under constructionAmsterdam under construction
Amsterdam under construction

The white walls show the few unbuilt lots
Father ...Father ...
Father ...

Notice the somber attire
... Son... Son
... Son

What a fat git!

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