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October 28th 2006
Published: October 29th 2006
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Okay, so the title is a bit dramatic, but I sparked an interest perhaps? =)

The past few days have been pretty crappy. I try to keep my spirits up, but I'm sick with a runny nose, throbbing headache, and I lack the ability to call my dad and complain about my ailements.

Today I went grocery shopping for some fish and stopped into a store called DA! to find a pick-me-up elixer or something. The closest I found was a bottle of echinacea and vitamin C fizz tablets. Hopefully this will get me on my feet and I can get back to....studying for my exam on Thursday.

I'm about ready to book my hostel in Firenze for November, but I have some options. Do I choose a shared dorm male female mixed with 12 people or a shared all female dorm with 9 people? Either way, it costs the same - I'm leaning towards the male/female 12 person dorm simply because under the room description it says "shower" while the all female dorm doesn't mention a shower...

I found this hostel from, a website I belong to as well that fuels the fire inside anybody caught with the travel bug. I posted a question about a youth hostel and within the day I got several responses back reccommending this hostel. It looks great and includes a free breakfast. Not to mention the website claims it's a 3 minute walk from the train station. Looking at the website, I came across a very cool quote:

"Do not travel to escape life, but travel so that life does not escape you"

Back to this evening, I cooked a pretty poor dinner that sounds great, but tasted - how should I say this - like Myia cooked it. haha. Brown rice, broccoli, peas, carrots and onions sauteed and Alaskan white fish (no idea what kind) sauteed with soy sauce. Now the problem first started with cutting the onions. I rushed because I had already put the olive oil in the pan and with a gas stove the oil started to heat up pretty quickly. Before I knew it I sliced my thumb pretty badly and took a chunk of my fingernail off. Great. I temporarily stopped the bleeding fast enough to put the onions in the pan and without thinking, added a ton of salt onto the block of fish that was already soaking in a pool of soy sauce. Thinking back now, I wonder if my thumb is connected to my brain in anyway (mom's reflexology maybe?) because at the moment I forgot that soy sauce HAS enough salt. Needless to say, as I ate my sodium-pumped meal, I wished I could have added more fish to my soy sauce.

My thumb is okay, no stitches needed at all - but it sure cut through a few layers of skin. It should heal up in no time - hopefully along with this cold.

I'm reading a great book called The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Doyle. It's keeping me up at night, though after reading it I always have these crazy dreams. The most recent one was that I was getting on the plane to Italy and ended up in Thailand. Crazy, eh?

Well, thats it for now. Hope everybody is having fun - and have a fun Halloween.

peace to all


31st October 2006

Salt in your wounds. This was hilarious; Myia you are wildly funny when you are sick. Not that I don't want you to get well, but you are fabulous when pitiful, dahlink. Now get well and ace that test...get your nose OUT of the novel, it is HALLOWEEN! aND NO MORE DETOURS TO THAILAND BY WAY OF ITALY. booooo!
31st October 2006

no worries
i won't be going to thailand anytime soon unfortunately. =)

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