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October 26th 2006
Published: October 26th 2006
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There's nothing much to report other than exams are next week. Fortunately I only have one, but I'm still kind of nervous because I don't know what the teacher is expecting. It's on the readings (about 30 articles - some long, some longer) so I'm going back and rereading every article and taking notes about it. It's a big pain, but it's worth it.

The weather is up and down here. Some days have been cold and the wind is crazy here. With no hills to block the wind, it just hits everything in it's path. I definitely have to give more time to ride to the university now. I think yesterday's ride back from my last Dutch class did me in. This morning I woke up with some pressure in my head and the sniffles. I've been feeling groggy all day, but I'm trying to fight it with plenty of vitamins. I also just made some tea with one of my mom's chinese herb packages. This one is not the one I'm used to and the little pellets (looks like fish food or worms) smell really bad. I hope it'll make me feel better so I added about half a cup of honey to it to hide the dead fish smell.

Yeah, that's about it...yesterday I went to an international student meeting just to meet some more people and I met a Canadian!! I can't tell you how good it felt! I've never experienced a feeling like that: a relief but I don't know of what. Either way, it was funny. He's originally from Ontario so he does say "aboot" which really amused me. haha.

Anyway, I don't have anything else to say but I hope all the readers are doing well and making the most of it.

P.S. a word of encouragement to my dad: keep going with that espangol! it's initially hard to get started (I did with the Dutch) but with a bit of motivation, it gets quite fun and I found myself sitting for 2 hours just plowing through the lessons. Either way, it'll be worth it when you finally get some use of the language at the end of november. love you!



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