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September 4th 2006
Published: September 4th 2006
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room 1room 1room 1

I might get a bed frame which will be nice when it starts getting super cold
Today was the first day of school and I didn't have any class...I'll get to class someday - as soon as I get a student number which should happen tomorrow. I met with a guy today about all this and got a big stack of paperwork to apply for a residence visa here (would have been cool to know beforehand). I rode my bike with Janne in the morning which took about 10 minutes. It was a nice ride, but I can't imagine what it will be like when it's snowy and minus 20 here. I think by then i'll be used to the cold. I explored the university a bit and found out where the bookstore was so when I actually get classes, I'll know where to go.

After meeting with Joris, I rode my bike to meet Susanna, a lady I was in contact with this whole summer. She was extremely friendly and I met the head of the Communications department (I forget his name, it was very Dutch though) and he gave me a hat. I'm not the fondest of hats, but I had to take a picture. Of course it is in blue and orange -
room 2room 2room 2

I actually like this small room. remind me that I said this after a few months
the Dutch pride colors even though the flag is red white and blue. Everywhere you go, you see bright orange and fitting right in, I have a bright orange bike and a bright blue lock.

I'm guessing tomorrow I won't have a busy day, but we'll see. There's some great art all around campus and one that i found that's my favorite so far. I'll try to take a picture soon. I visited the SMIT office (for international students) and they're having a get together for all international students at the Vesting Bar. yes, I said bar. With the little exploring I did, I saw Grolsch beer bottles everywhere - in classroom windows, offered on tap at the main campus bar and oh yah, kegs of beer that you can by at the the student store along with your highliter, which I found funny.

Lastly, by special request, I took a picture of the dutch toilet. It might not look that weird, but once you use one, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Also, now you can see pictures of what my room really looks like all set up. Till next time, Doei! xoxo

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room 3room 3
room 3

If I had a dresser, there would be no room to open the drawers!
the living roomthe living room
the living room

Typical undecorated college room
kitchen and laundry roomkitchen and laundry room
kitchen and laundry room

notice a big hole saying "man I wish I had an oven in here"
by requestby request
by request

a dutch water closet. I don't know how the tall dutch people do it. I sit down and there's about 5cm of space before I hit the door.
by requestby request
by request

I'm not explaining this. It's just not logical.
my new dryermy new dryer
my new dryer

patience and not waiting until the last moment to do all your laundry. I will learn this
sporting my new capsporting my new cap
sporting my new cap

I had to put it on at least once. maybe never again? I'm just not a cap person

4th September 2006

Reading my way through your last few days
Well, it looks like your making the best of your trip thus far. That sucks that your school stuff hasn't been sorted out yet but really, did you really go there to spend all your time pounding back beers in a classroom? The group of people you've talked about (The birthday party, walks and rides) seem to be awesome and that makes being in another country all the much more easier I would think. Your room looks to be the same size as my room in Grande Prairie... well, maybe a little bigger. They have Ikea there? Is like our stores here or is it different? I love enviroments where everyone can just sit down and enjoy each others company... something that North America should began to adopt. But alas, I hope to speak to you soon sweety and good writing so far... almost make me feel like I'm there.
5th September 2006

great pics
Hi Myia: sounds like you've landed on your feet and took of running without any problems. I knew you would do just fine. I'm sure glad that you took the camera, keep taking the photos. Ciao Abba xo
14th November 2006


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