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January 1st 2006
Published: January 10th 2006
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dont have much time and I´m sure you´d all rather be at the beach so I´ll keep this short, but basically love holland to bits! the food is fantastic and real, peole are cool, trains are cheap, you can ride everywhere on a bike, dadadada I could go on forever. At the end of the day if you havent been there, put it on your list of things to do and you wont be dissapointed.

thank you so much Reit and Wim for having me and Paul stay for so long, and feeding us so well, we had a great time and I´ll be back for sure! Roel you´re the man! thanks so much for driving us around all the time and sussing out so much stuff. I owe you dude, see you in NZ one day. and to Hermein and the rest of you for all being so nice the whole time I was there, I´ll miss you a lot and can´t wait for next time.

(Sorry Dutchies for my bad spelling and memory when it comes to names and stuff, let me know what mistakes I made please xxx)

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First night in HollandFirst night in Holland
First night in Holland

down at the local pub with Cuzzies Leeza, Bram and Roel
Volendam HabourVolendam Habour
Volendam Habour

Yoast took me and Leeza for a look around Volandam and Marken to see some old style Holland and it was great
Christmas 1990?Christmas 1990?
Christmas 1990?

this was the last time I had Christmas with Reit and Wim, when they came to visit about 16 years ago(thats them bottom left, me centre botom with ChaChi our old dog)
Xmas Dinner at Hermains placeXmas Dinner at Hermains place
Xmas Dinner at Hermains place

Fluer and Bart cooked up a great dinner, complete with a massive Chocy cake and lots of good wine to wash it all down.
Scheveningen beachScheveningen beach
Scheveningen beach

pretty wierd experience, we went to the beach on boxing day and it was freezing, but the beach was still packed with people just walking along. no deck chairs or brollys here

10th January 2006

happy new years brother
you are a crazy weon jajaja, nice pictures from holland i hope are you fine and come back soon toy new zeland. grettings from chile jorge
10th January 2006

Happy new yr bro
Sick blog dude, looks like dutchland was a blast, keep on keeping on, that coffee looked far out man..
10th January 2006

Where's the pics of the coffee houses??
Come on Rusta...you would have been right at home!!
10th January 2006

wow again
Hi ya Russ This is such a good lot of pics. I have a really good Dutch friend and she always loves to visit Holland. I can see why now! Awesome. I think your mum and dad a really starting to miss you!! Francie xx

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