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July 11th 2017
Published: July 15th 2017
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The fever is gone, so no more excuses; to the gym. Because the personal training session is booked for Tuesday, today is a bit of free-wheeling around the machines and weights. After a 20km cycle adventure through the French countryside (you've got to love these modern stationary bikes), a couple of chest, shoulder and biceps/triceps exercises.

Tuesday the first day of 'real training'. The intake was a blast to reality. Fat percentage, BMI, weight, how many insults can a man take in 20 minutes 😊. We agreed on a schedule alternating upper and lower body and 4 times a week. This gives me time to play some golf as well. The goal set is to lose 2,5 kg in 4 weeks; an easy target knowing the Singapore regime of 4+ pints/day is history.

Wednesday my first schedule-day. Starting with the upper body and 3*15 reps for all exercises. I found out the hard way that muscle memory is a fantasy. adjusting weights as I go along, I end up with a schedule that seems fit for a 12-year old. I have my work cut out for me. So much is clear 😊. But shameless as I am, I posted my results on FB knowing the comments will be harsh. Motivation is key.

Thursday is lower body day. An easy schedule (only 4 work outs) to start with. To compensate a couple of extra minutes on the bike. After the gym, a quick shower and the train to Amsterdam. Meeting friends for dinner and drinks. It was the last day of antibiotics so it's ok to have a drink again. I know, not the best way to lose weight but what is life without a social agenda? Healthy nachos, a huge burger, some fries and a couple of vodka's later I'm back in the train to The Hague. Quite proud of myself for not getting wasted.

After an upper and a lower body work out, now all muscles hurt. raising my arms feels like a stretching my muscles to the point they will rip. Not a good feeling, but it makes it hard to call the waiter for another round of drinks, so it has its advantages 😊. Friday morning the second day for the upper body schedule. Increasing the weights slightly and it seems to work. Nothing breaks and I can still walk. Looks like I survived the first week. Tomorrow an additional, extra curriculum training because next week I'll be in London (watching my daughter win double gold at the World Championships athletics) so training will most likely suffer a bit. First time ever I will bring my gym kit to London to work out in the hotel. Good intentions are a first step to reaching greatness (or in my case, sub 100kg weight :D)


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