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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden April 26th 2020

Mijn eerste blog vanuit Leiden! In dit tijdperk van Covid19 met iets minder bewegingsvrijheid dan we gewend zijn, leek het mij leuk eens terug te kijken op al die bijzondere voettochten die ik heb gedaan. (Je moet toch wat als die tocht van deze week niet doorgaat) Vier keer een top 10 (in willekeurige volgorde), die de vooral hoogte-, maar soms ook dieptepunten aardig opsommen. Voor meer leesvoer en alle details bij deze momenten verwijs ik jullie graag naar alle eerder verschenen blogs. Ideaal als je in gedachten mooie voettochten door Europa wilt maken. :) Daarnaast wil ik zeggen dat zonder Martine, Inge, Peter, Daphne, Marianne, Tibor, Henri, Astrid, Aafke, Marie-Jetta, Martijn, Peter, Baukje, Irma, Judit, Esmee, Judith en Brigitta deze herinneringen zeker minder rijk waren geweest! (missen jullie nog iets in onderstaande lijstjes? Zet het ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden March 30th 2020

Hello again, Entering week three of working from home and schooling our kids from home, sort of. Definitely a full home feeling. Our dinning table is ‘shape shifting’ once breakfast is had it is converted to a four person work station! Just like that books and laptops ready for the readiness of work. Sean has his office in the back yard/garden though WiFi can be less reliable at times. Thankful our eldest two are able to get on independently while our young'n isn’t so keen. That said as you may be experiencing yourselves the novelty is wearing off, we each miss our routine. Mostly we miss, you, friend. On the plus side we have all our meals, mostly, together. No one is late to the office. The to and fro pace of life is slowed to ... read more
Walking in the stad (city)
working from home
push ups

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden September 5th 2019

Today I took a side trip to the nearby cities of Leiden and The Hague. The first is a university town famous as the birthplace of Rembrandt and a place where the Pilgrims stayed for awhile before they sailed on the Mayflower to America. There are plaques in town honoring both, but I won’t waste you time by showing you photos of plaques. Leiden also has a number of good museums. The Boerhaave Museum specializes in the history of science, particularly medicine. There is a reconstruction of an anatomical theater that was once used for demonstrating dissections. There’s also a good section on water management, a very important discipline in this country that is largely below sea level. After lunch I caught the train to The Hague and visited two art museums. The first is devoted ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden October 28th 2018

The next morning, I was planning to meet my friends. I first had breakfast of bread and strawberries before packing up to go. Getting to Leiden from my hotel in Rotterdam was beyond easy - the Rotterdam Blaak train station was just steps from the hotel and went directly to the Leiden Centraal station in about 40 minutes. My friend and their oldest daughter picked me up and drove me home. I had worked with the couple in Qatar, but in the last three years, they had had two kids and bought a home. What have I done again...? So, the grandparents came to pick up the kids to watch for the day while my friends and I rode bikes into town. On the way, it was cold, rainy, and a bit windy, but the day ... read more
Leiden windmill
On our way to Leiden - the Dutch way
Nordwijk dunes

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden July 15th 2018

I noted that there were frequent services between Amsterdam Centraal and Leiden Centraal; we didn’t get up early on 23 June. My mother had brought the Chikyu no Arukikata (Japanese travel guidebook) of Belgium, the Netherland and Luxembourg and it contained a good map of Leiden; so I decided to use it. We were to visit Hortus Botanicus Leiden – Horticultural Botanical Garden of Leiden University. However, we learned from the Japanese guidebook that there is a designated birthplace of Rembrandt and the windmill associated with his work on the way to the destination. The house in which Rembrandt was born was demolished a while ago but there was a plaque installed on the building where his birth house stood. We found the square where the waxwork of Rembrandt painting. Opposite to the square showed the ... read more
the windmill painted by Rembrandt
Franz von Siebold

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden June 16th 2018

Today was the day we would say goodbye to fixed lodgings and become part of the motorhome and vanlife community, it was the start of a long road trip and we couldn't be more excited. We had a few last minute things to do so after checking out of our airbnb we went shopping in Emmen for a mattress protector, LED lights, bike lock and food. We had to drop the car off at the airport and it was my job to do that as Vaughan would be driving Matilda. I hadn't driven a car since leaving Australia May 2017 and its been a very long time since I had driven on the wrong side of the road! it was going to be interesting and there was no time like the present to get behind the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden August 28th 2017

27-08-2017----17-09-2017 We hebben heerlijk 3 weken vrij, maar deze keer geen ver weg vakantie. Zaterdag: Wel gaan we eerst ons pas aangeschafte bootje inwijden. Na een ritje naar het tankstation, wat boodschappen doen en een ritje op de fiets naar de markt is het zover. De boot oppompen, bodem erin en dan kan hij te water, het kost de nodige moeite om de buitenboordmotor aan de praat te krijgen, maar met wat aanmoedigingen van wat buren lukt het uiteindelijk. Het eerste tochtje is over de vaart voor het huis en via de Meerburgerwatering naar de Rijn. Erg lang varen ging niet: We hebben een buurt barbecue. Lekker en gezellig! Op zondag moet er eerst een ritje naar Katwijk gemaakt worden even een auto omruilen, daarna gaan we weer varen. We leggen wat kussens in de boot ... read more
Varen over de Meerburgerwatering
Lekkere happen op de buurt BBQ
Onder de A4 door de Vrouwevaart op

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden July 1st 2015

Leiden, NL We've traveled a bit since our last blog. Our stay (2nights) in Boven-Leeuwen was super nice. Christa & Mark ran a great campground and the last night we were able to use their grill to cook steak, used their micowave for baked potatoes and had a salad. I wish that we could have all those amenities at each campground! Upon leaving, Christa gave us a small jar of homemade strawberry jam. Best campground this trip. The next campground faded by comparison. On the way there we met a gal from the states who had been living in Europe since the 90's. She had lived in France, Germany and the Netherlands. She was telling us it costs about $2000 to get a drivers license in NL. She is teaching school here. You never know who ... read more
Chuck's B-day!
Along the bike path to Leiden

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden May 14th 2014

Tuesday If you ever have the opportunity to travel in Holland, make sure your trip includes going to the dunes. It is a national park along the coast of the North Sea where you can cycle, walk, hike on trails, or just enjoy the sites. We rode about 25 kilometers through the park before turning back inland to Leiden. It was the only time this week we have been able to spread out and really ride at our own pace without fear of getting lost. We rode through rolling hills with sand dunes that reminded me of the dunes along Lake Michigan. At the end of our ride we stopped at Benny's Beach Inn for refreshments and to dip toes in the sea. Before heading to the dunes we visited the last Royal Delft factory and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden June 20th 2013

It’s been almost five years since I stepped out of North America and moved to China. With every destination I attempt to recruit visitors from home, partially for the company and familiarly of friends and family, and partially in my selfish attempt to pull people out of their comfort zone and experience something unknown. I say it’s a selfish attempt because for me personally travel has taught me an intangible amount about myself, others and the ways of this world. More than anything I thrive on learning – in any form that may take. I love having visitors because it’s a way to give them a tangible example of why I love experiencing life as an expat, and an opportunity to see how travel can be an amazing teacher and to learn from it. On a ... read more
Keukenhof - the Disneyland of flowers!
The Queen's Day crew
So proud of my smart friends

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