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November 6th 2008
Published: March 2nd 2009
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So the day before we went to Gouda, Zwolle was the place we visited on 5, November, 2008. We paid a visit to the earth ship and then to Paul's. He showed us around the city centre and then we went to the pub for dinner. IT was really cool cause we got to see this really neat old church. And inside the church a lady gave us this really interesting tour about how monks would live here and still did and just pray in this peaceful garden nearby.
And dinner was good at the Irish pub in Zwolle. My dad and Paul really got along.

To see an update of the earthship project and where me and dad went to in Zwolle have a look here: http://picasaweb.google.com/dkruchkoff/ZwolleWithDad05November2008?authkey=Gv1sRgCIGc_u2Y5fyO1AE&feat=directlink

November 6 was Gouda, eating Dutch cheese (that's right people we stocked up on the delicious Gouda cheese) and getting berries and herring from the market.
Gouda enjoyed economic success and decline in the same manner the rest of Holland did from the 16th century onwards. Its cheese has brought recent wealth, as has the country's largest candle factory???? Well according to the lonely planet anyways.

So I said we got some fruits like cranberry's from the Market. Well its actually the Markt (where we got Herring from also). In the middle of the Markt is the 15th century town hall. After enjoying a delicious lunch we went to Sint Janskerk 0 which was completed in the mid - 16th century - before that it was built in 1361 but burned down every 100 years to the med 16th century.
The windows are said to be some of the best in Netherlands. Some of the windows were created by Dirck Crabeth, his brother Wouter, and Lambert van Noort from around 1550 to 1570. After visiting the church - dad waited for me outside, we went to the Museum het Catharina, in an old hospital which covers Gouda history and has some art works.

Before we left Gouda we visited the t Kaaswinkeltje cheese shop and brought an assortment of Dutch cheese and some crackers. Yummy!

Pst... dying for more photos of Gouda? Well I have some good news - you can check out more photos of Gouda here:


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2nd March 2009

hey its not cranberries
it is a red currant -- KPACHAq CMOPOguHA

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