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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht April 11th 2015

Day 13 and 14 Discovering Dordrecht We woke up over calm waters and the half moon rising, as we approached 'Monster' Beach at the Hook of Holland (origin of the name is uncertain). We see oodles of container ships and giant wind turbines along the river port. Our ferry is so big and stable, its hard to believe we're actually on water. Its capacity is 2500 passengers and over 500 cars, though I'm told it's not so smooth a trip on rough seas. On-board facilities include restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops and playrooms - you'd have had to board hours early or stay up very late to take advantage of it all. We leave for an hour's train trip via Rotterdam to Dordrecht further upriver, the origin of the name 'van Dort'. So Rachel is here to ... read more
Typical canal view, towards the Grote Kerk tower
Arc van Noach - Noahs Ark of course!
Sitting room of the Merchants House

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht December 10th 2011

And so it begins, The first entry of this blog is mostly going to be a rant of what the plan is and a basic introduction to the nutters that have decided to go on a journey. So, a long long time ago (... a year give or take) Duncan met Rebecca at a bar. This bar was not just any bar, it was also the workplace of the two which will be the main focus of this tale. Friends they decide to embark on a road trip around Scotland and a visit to T in the Park. They fall in love and end up in a relationship bla bla bla. After already having plans to travel to Asia before either had met each other, earlier plans fell apart and made way to a shared journey. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht December 2nd 2009

I was up early on Wednesday to pack and make sure I was ready to leave. Dad and Wanda dropped me off at the Dordrecht train station. After spending every day for two weeks with them I felt very sad to say goodbye. (The next day they were flying to Poland to spend 5 weeks there, visiting Luiza and Bartek and doing some travelling around the country.) I am very thankful to my Dad for taking me around Holland and being able to learn more about my heritage through and with him. And to Wanda for being a lot of fun - shopping, laughing, sight-seeing, playing cards, etc! They were waving bye as the train pulled away and I was on my own again. It’s only about an hour train-ride to Schiphol Airport. I arrived with ... read more
Me and the Bless Molen
Road to Oma's house
More local scenery

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht November 25th 2009

Phew! Wow, there’s so much to catch up on. Let’s see if I can remember everything that’s happened in the past 2 weeks. On Monday, Dad, Wanda and I took the train to Leeuwarden, a city in the northern part of The Netherlands. Dad had gotten us cheap all-day tickets from Tante Rite and this was a great way to see more of the country. I’d never been up north before. It was a great idea since we could see a lot from the train on the way but it happened to be pouring rain just about the whole way. Well, that was fine since we were warm and dry inside, but there was also a problem along one of the major train lines so we had to re-route way around it. Between Utrecht and Zwolle ... read more
More bicycles
Trying to figure out the train schedule
Train station

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht November 22nd 2009

Fact: All Hollanders are from the Netherlands, but not all people in the Netherlands are from Holland. Holland is just 2 provinces of the Netherlands. It might be a little confusing since many people refer to the Netherlands as Holland. I've been in the Netherlands since last Wednesday. It's now Sunday afternoon and I'm at my Tante Rite's house taking advantage of her internet since we don't have internet at my Oma's house. So much has happened this week already! All of my family on my dad's side lives here and it's great to be here again. 7 years is way too long to go without seeing my Dutch family but it honestly doesn't feel like 7 years in many ways since it's just like being at a second home. I flew to Amsterdam with a ... read more
Dad, Wanda and I
Being silly

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht July 1st 2009

Here we are back home after a fantastic trip to the MG Car Club European Event of the Year in Norway. It was at Geiranger wich is a ENESCO heritage site of beauty. And so it is. We went by ferry from Kiel to Oslo, but on the way back we drove the whole way through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, then back to the Netherlands. Elton John's massive yacht arrived in front of our hotel as well during our stay. Massive waterfalls, fjords, real drivers roads with hundreds of hairpin bends. Great. There were 250 cars from all over Europe at the event, which was organised to perfection. The biggest hassle going, was the number of very long tunnels carved out of rock. Dead basic with minimum lighting. The headlights on old cars is terrible. No ... read more
photo 1
photo 2
photo 6

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht July 17th 2008

Dordrecht and Einhoven, Holland - July 9, 10 We left at 11am on a train for Dordrecht, Holland. It was about a 3-hour train ride, and we had to transfer in Antwerp. Tony came with us…and of course we had too much fun on our train ride! It consisted of listening to music, transferring files from one computer to another, and the obligatory dancing on the train! In Antwerp we stopped for waffles covered in chocolate and whipped cream. They were INCREDIBLE!!! They were so rich that we only finished one between the three of us! We arrived in Dordrecht just as the CB guys were starting to wonder if we’d actually make it for the concert that evening. (We showed up around 3:30, but when they’re on tour together, if one isn’t seen for a ... read more
In the train
Tony on his apple
Another Tony

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht June 20th 2008

Dreumal = Dordrecht, 70.07kms, Total 2414.3, Ride time 3'57" " Today's ride time and distance doesn't reflect how much work we put into these headwinds. Our tip at this moment if coming to Holland. Head EAST. Still, the day was pleasant if you had the right attitude. The mornings ride took us to a little town where we stopped for coffee and cake, had a look around a couple of shops before heading on. Really, though most of today was head down and into the headwinds. We caught a couple of ferries, including one cool one where we had to ring a big cow bell and a man wandered down to his little boat, came across and picked us (and a man and his dog) up and took us across to the other side for ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht April 16th 2008

Menipäs monta päivää ilman nettiä! Nyt ollaan Dodrechtin McDonaldsissa ja naputellaan konetta samalla kun Lare syö "iiihan piiiikku-piiikku hampurilaista". Ollaan haeskeltu karttakaupoista karttoja Antwerpeniin asti, mutta ei olla löydetty kuin Bergen-op-Zoomiin. Jatketaan matkaa kun on käyty kirkko katsomassa ensin. Tässä kaupungissa keisari Fredrik III tapasi poikansa ja pojanpoikansa 1486, tuskin kävivät tässä mäkkärissä.... Eikä täälläkään toiminutkaan verkko, pitää mennä muualle. Vaikka kirjastoon. Kirjastossa toimii! 12.4. Alphen /Gouda Henkka on tasan neljä kuukautta vanha. Se pohtii elämää sohvalla selällään katsellen filosofisesti kattoa ja sanoo "houu, höyyyy, guuu". Syö sormiaan ja kaikkea minkä käsiinsä saa. Lare kuvaili päiväkodissa Henkkaa "se vähän puklaa ja vähän örisee", nykyään Henkka yhä puklaa, mutta muu ulosa... read more

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