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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Loenen May 17th 2014

Ok so we were going to go to Arnhem and then the sun shone and we decided that it was too nice to chunter down a big kanaal with enormous barges to go to a city so we would go up the Vecht instead which still entailed going on the Rijkn- Amsterdam Kanaal – yes a big one – for about an hour. Within about a km of where we were due to turn off we completely lost our steering just as we were going past one of the monsters and we nearly ended up on the bank as bow thruster and reverse were used with a lot of welly. We managed to get on to Vecht through a very small gap with all fenders out and moored up against another boat outside a watersport place ... read more
The Broken Bridge
Strange Lifting Bridge
Great Meal at Marina

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