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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 27th 2016

It was another delayed breakfast this morning and we let Wim and Diny get through their bathroom routines before we got ourselves up. We didn’t have to get our own breakfast this morning as they had coffee and croissant with ham, cheese and apricot jam ready for us. We were certainly in relax mode here and before we knew it the time was approaching midday and we had an electric fondue to buy and post back to NZ. Diny knew the best place to buy one and they got the bikes out as the shop, Media Market, was located in the shopping area downtown just a couple of kilometres away. Gretchen was a bit unsteady at first as it has been 3 years (the last time we were here) since we had last ridden a bicycle. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 26th 2016

Morning arrived far too early as usual but we have survived last night’s dinner of Filet Americain and ready to have an early breakfast of food we have become used to, muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt. We have another good three hours driving ahead of us to get to Zwolle and we had told Wim and Diny we would be there as close to midday as possible. After more research on the Battle of the Bulge late last night, before learning how raw meat that had not been prepared to the highest standard might affect a human being and then going to sleep, I discovered enough information about the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Hotton to convince Gretchen we should give it a visit to at least say we had found one commemorative site. It was ... read more
The proud Kiwi silver fern
Two of the eight Kiwi airmen we found at Hotton
2km road tunnel in Holland. Why!

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle July 22nd 2013

Since my Polish haircut experience Gretchen has been hanging out waiting until we get to Holland for Diny (Cormac’s mother) to find a hairdresser and to go along and translate for the style Gretchen likes. Today or tomorrow could be the day as our journey this morning will take us south to Zwolle in Holland. I don’t recall seeing Gretchen with a shaggier looking style, the result of the Kotor, Montenegro haircut. The high pressure that has been around for a few days is still here this morning and we have another cloudless, blue sky for the drive. However, before getting on the road we waited for a while in anticipation of the new royal baby being born to Kate and William as we have been able to get the BBC news channel on the TV ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 7th 2009

Friday 7th August A bike ride and a couple of beers After a long day yesterday and a fairly late night getting to bed we were obviously ready for a sleep in because we didn’t wake until nearly 8am. After breakfast Wim got the bikes out for us to ride with them to the towns Friday market where they purchased their fresh produce. Following our first experience of riding a bike for years this morning’s effort was even more assured and neither of us got the wobbles like we did last night when starting off.Leaving Diny to show us the way we followed on behind as she virtually stopped what little vehicle traffic there was in the town as we negotiated the suburban streets and made the necessary turns to get to the central market. Everything ... read more
Lunch in the sun before the afternoon ride
On the river ferry with the bikes
Beer #2 at the market square

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 6th 2009

Thursday 6th August Three countries in one day We have a long drive ahead of us today as we head north to Holland to stay with Cormac’s parents Wim and Diny for 3 nights.In doing so we shall leave France,pass through Belgium and traverse a good percentage of Holland before getting to Zwolle.The weather prospects look good for driving and the morning temperature is already in the mid 20’s!!One of the noticeable things about the weather in the couple of days we have been in Europe is the lack of wind which has been keeping the temperature very steady. Google maps gave us two options of highways with tolls and highways without tolls.The BBA tour committe(of two)decided on the second option naturally enough!!The toll road option would have had us travelling on at least 7 separate ... read more
Country #2 for the day,Belgium
Fire on the highway!!

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle August 29th 2008

It was a very nice weekend in some lovely weather. We had sort of miscalculated which day it was on so we had to rush the day we got back to Amsterdam but it was worth it - a great way to meet up and catch up with lots of friends and to enjoy a very well organised day. Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to leave it at that....... read more
The Sluis pub1
Mich and friends
Marie and JB

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle July 19th 2007

Untitled Monday late night/Tuesday (travel time) Bruce and I caught a late flight (11 pm) from Santorini back to Athens, and as luck would have it, it was late leaving. From Athens Bruce was heading home and I was continuing my trip. Final stop- The Netherlands via Frankfurt, Germany. Because Bruce had an early morning flight (6 am), he only had about 4 hours to sleep. On the other hand, my plane left after 11 am, so I woke up around 8am (sorry Bruce) and got to enjoy the nice pillow-top bed, the tub, the shower, and all the other amenities. This was a top-notch hotel, the best one I stayed at during my whole trip (which isn't saying much really), and by far the most expensive. We had to stay there because of Bruce's departure ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 21st 2007

Ah the camera has made a comeback. Welcome back I said. I'm still not up to a heck of a lot. I ran the half-marathon in Leeuwarden the other week where I finished third so was OK for a bit. However upon receiving my prize they called my name out as Kees Kuiper (or something). I mean, I'm in the Netherlands- I don't have to spell my name out or correct people a billion times a day- so I expect a bit bit better from the Leeuwarden marathon. But on the otherhand, Kuiper does sound pretty good. Now I'm in the middle of the Netherlands somewhere, staying with other relatives, so I'm getting closer to Amsterdam etc. Yesterday I cycled from one city to another, it was around 80ks, via all sorts of little towns ... read more
Drachten's blue street
typical farmland: Drenthe

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