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November 3rd 2006
Published: November 3rd 2006
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Balloon numbersBalloon numbersBalloon numbers

Sometimes I feel like the 1 and the 2 should be switched...
So, the yesterday was a much better day after a deliciously greasy dinner of patates (french fries) and a kaas souffle (something cheesy and bready and artery clogging for sure). =) Anouk and I went to the Aldi supermarket to get some wine, beer and snacks before everybody arrived. The people at the party:

me, and my housemates: anouk, chiel, arjan, and janne
Janne's boyfriend Jasper, Nina and her friend Kim, Wiebke, Anouk's friend Bergit and Lea (Israeli student I met here) and her boyfriend Steven. So there was quite the crowd. The MTV Europe awards show was also on that evening so we watched some performances and entertained eachother with stories, goofing off, eating a delicious hazelnut cookie coffee cream cake, etc etc.

My housemates got me a really nice gift which I wasn't expecting at all: gloves, leg warmers and 2 pairs of underwear. Their card was really sweet and was written in Dutch and then they translated it in English underneath for me:

Jarige Jop, Van harte gefeliciteerd en een hele fijne dag gewenst!! Veel liefs, je allerliefste huisgenootjes. Chiel, Arjan, Janne en Anouk

Dear Myia, Congratulations!! We hope you will have a wonderful day!! Lots of Love, your favourite living partners!! 😊

Nina brought me 2 bottles of wine and a whole pineapple.
Balloon numbersBalloon numbersBalloon numbers

Yep, they should be switched
heehee. Lea gave me a really sweet card, a beautiful scarf that I love, and a bag with potpourri, 2 candles and a big milk chocolate 'M'.

By midnight, everybody had enough wine to keep them happy so we got on our bikes and rode to the center to go dancing. Arjan, Janne and Jasper stayed at home, but the 10 of us rode in a big clump of bikes down the street. In Seattle, we'd probably look like a bicycle gang or something but here it's totally normal.

We started at La Conga and danced to a variety of songs - everything from Beat it by Michael Jackson to one of my favorite dancing songs by Jeckyll & Hyde. Lots of techno, fast beats, laser lights, stinky cigarette smoke, many smiles - everything was fun. Around 2, some people went home and the rest of us went to another discotek called The Lunatic (about 70 meters from la conga) Basically we danced for 4.5 hours nonstop. We rode home and got back around 4:50am. I was ready to go to bed, but I saw that my friends from Seattle were online so I chatted with them for
Celebrating in the living roomCelebrating in the living roomCelebrating in the living room

Some of the party folks - from left to right: Lea, Kim, Nina, Chiel
a while. Before I knew it, it was ten minutes to 6. Bed time.

I thought I would have slept longer, but I woke up at 11 feeling very well rested. I sat up in bed and thought, "man, my legs hurt" - All that dancing will do that to a person. Anyway, it was a fantastic birthday, one that I will never forget.


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On the street

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