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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Zaandam July 18th 2010

We started the day with a run/bike ride with the whole family. We tried a new trail which was very nice and took us past several farms with cows, sheep, goats, chickens, baby chicks, and had no traffic except for one guy on a horse & buggy (and he had a buggy whip so I guess that industry hasn't completely shut down)! Part of the trail was just a cycling path across the top of a dike. I think this was my favourite run so far and I'll definitely do that route again. Today we went to the city of Zaandam and took in the Zaanse Schanse which is a grouping of mills and museums interspersed with (very) old houses that people still live in (I guess they'd call that a living museum - they argue ... read more
These would last > 20 years
Starting with a block of wood...
...he made a clog

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Zaandam November 7th 2008

Today went to the Zaanse Schans. This is a recreation of a local village from the 17th and 18th century, an open air museum 10km north of Amsterdam. At about 12:30pm me and dad hoped on to the train from Schiphol airport. The cost of 2 return tickets with my kortings 40% of card was 9.60 euros (approx $19.20AUD). We got to Koog Zaandijk (after changing at Amsterdam Sloterdijk). From Koog Zaandijk station we walked about 400m to the place where you get a ferry to the Zaanse Schans. We first made our way past the museum of the dutch clock (which was closed) and the colonial Albert heijn - which was also closed but you could check out the inside from the windows. Then we went to the restaurant on the island. We had a ... read more
Boat to Zaanse Schans 7/11/08
Boat to Zaanse Schans 7/11/08
Boat to Zaanse Schans 7/11/08

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Zaandam April 20th 2008

Today was supposed to be the day to go to Delft, the little town with the famous blue hand-painted pottery factory. We had skipped Zaanse Schans the day before due to lack of time, so were faced with a decision. After realizing it was Sunday, and looking up the Delft town website on Cees's trusty free internet terminal, we decided that the shops in town might be closed, and we didn't want to take the chance, since it was a pretty long trip there. Zaanse Schans it is. We walked to the train station and Angie went up to the counter to get tickets. The lady told her Platform 8a, and a certain time. Angie asked how we will know if it's the right train? She said the trains always leave on time. If it's time, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Zaandam September 16th 2007

So spent the whole weekend with Carol la! Yesterday, we went to Utrecht! a pretty big city ne.....main goal was to window shop....! haaaa! Sales time over and we can't afford to buy those expensive leather shoes......-__-" Walked around town...there werent a lot of sites, just a few old buildings and churches... Had some honey biscuit or waffers kinda thing, they say its very popular in Holland and its Delicious!!!!=) Didn't do much touristy things actually....haaaa... Was gonna try Mussels....but then couldn't find them in the supermarkets and went back to their house and made a wonderful meal of Wonton + Ngau Yuen Rice Noodles!!! OHHHHH..YUM!!! Killed another of my cravings!!! =D This morning took our time and then they drove me to the Windmill village in Zaanse Schans, its like 10 mins away from Zaandam!!..small ... read more
Sand Church!
Miffy Building?! (Correction: Liseberg Ad?)

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Zaandam May 21st 2007

Ciao!! I arrived in Italy on Friday after an overnight flight from NYC. I had a long layover in Amsterdam so I decided to venture out. I took the train to a town called Zaan. It was beautiful and quiet. I saw windmills that made flour and paint. It was unbelievable. I sat outside at a cafe and ate a sandwich and pastry. I watched all of the people going by on their bikes. The flight from Amsterdam to Rome was only two hours, I intended on sleeping but as I was begining to fall asleep we flew over the Alps. Now I am a self proclaimed ocean woman but this was the most breathtaking site I have ever seen! Needless to say there was no sleep for me. More soon. I need to get ready ... read more

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