An occasion for celebration!..

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June 6th 2014
Published: June 9th 2014
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this is the fridge we had, not all the stock was bought new, obviously.. but it was a nice collection.

An occasion for celebration!..

(today, was mums birthday so we had a big day planned ahead for her!..)

It's the 6th of June and we're all celebrating mum's birthday. We've hung flagged decorations around the house just to make it look a little bit more festive, and we'd planned to have a dinner party in the evening with mums family and dads family joining the occasion. Our day started with a kiss and a cuddle for mum, but congratulating people for birthdays is a little different here than in Australia.. You see here you congratulate the person who's birthday it is, and you congratulate the kids for it being their mothers birthday and you congratulate any siblings for it being their sister/brothers birthday. So really nearly the entire family gets congratulated for one birthday. Its really quite different. So mum came out of bed and we did the simple kiss and a cuddle for here, but then when the rest of the family came out and congratulated us, i was a little confused as to what was going on. But soon enough i got my head around what was happening, it was a new
mother of cakes!mother of cakes!mother of cakes!

the best birthday cake, made to order.

Once mum and i were out of bed we jumped in the car to drive to the supermarket and the bakery, we wanted to grab some cakes for the smoko room, and just for when family started to arrive for the dinner. The selection of cakes was ridiculous! we bought about 15 from 'Bakkerij Slijkerman', then went to the supermarket just to get a few groceries for the evening. When we arrived back, we took a selection of the cakes to the smoko room, where they were enjoyed greatly! Then afterwards, we came inside to have a coffee and cake and a few presents for mum. She got perfume, licorice lollies which is a big thing in Holland, body scrubs and lotions, lots of flowers, and plenty of other stuff. Most of the morning we were cooking to prepare for the evening, i made a chocolate and orange cheesecake which everyone was a bit hesitant to try because cheesecake isn't really a big thing in Holland. But alot of them did try it and were pleasantly surprised! There was also a apple tart which my aunty made, that's a very dutch thing. But for tea itself we had
great weather, great spot!great weather, great spot!great weather, great spot!

this is a bit of the yard of where we had the party.
a barbecue, so the dinner was kind of the best from both worlds! which kept it interesting. By lunchtime my aunty had gone into town to pick up some things that sh had ordered for the day, she came home with cakes from the same bakery we had gone to in the morning.. SO WE HAD EVEN MORE CAKES! personally i wasn't complaining.

Everyone started to arrive around 5, being late afternoon the sun was out so we just sat outside and had a coffee and a few of the cakes. We picked at entry foods and fruit whilst the barbecue heated up. With a small grill sort of a thing, we had to heat some coal and stand back for 45 minutes or so before it heats up enough to cook stuff on it. My the time we were cooking food, nearly everyone had arrived. There were cousins, and aunties uncles, oma had made an appearance and lots of family friends of mum from when they were growing up As we sat down to eat the alcohol started to creep out beers ended up in hands. When i was here last time i remember having a flugel. They're like a small pocket sized bottle with a vodka and energy drink mix. When they were made, their sole purpose was to be easily smuggled into clubs and parties, that's why the small size. Because they don't exist in Australia the first thing i looked for when going to the bottle shop was them.. and i found them.
Along with a bottle of 'Big Shot' which i'd never heard of before either. It's like a fruity liquor that we mixed with 7-up it was really nice! so nice i'm still considering taking a bottle back to Australia.. Along with some flugels of course.

The party was good, we partied on until it got cold and then relocated inside. Nothing got out of hand, most people controlled the amount they drank and all in all everyone had a really good night! Mum said that "for once it really did feel like her birthday", and i think that says all the right things within itself. It was bout 2:00 before i called it quits and headed to bed, but even by then my cousin and little sister and i continued to just stay up and have a chat.

It was a really good night!..


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