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May 7th 2008
Published: May 27th 2009
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Ok... again, where do i start? This morning kicked off at 7am, hungover, on 3 hours of sleep! we left out hostel around 8am, only to find out that the entire city was still in a deep slumber from last nights festivities. We made our way to breakfast and ate eggs and toast before our whole day tour.

When we got to where our tour took off, we found our seats on the double decker bus. Our first stop was at the Windmunlen Windmills. Here, they also make dutch wooden clogs by hand. The clogs were colorful and it was definately worth seeing the hott clog maker boy make the clogs haha...

Our next stop was a family owned cheese factory. We were told how cheese was made and then we were able to try each kind that the family makes. My favorites were smoked cheese and garlic cheese! After the cheese factory, we made our way to Colendam and Marken. Here, we ate lunch and took a boat ride to Marken. These two towns are on the Border of Ijsselmeer. These towns were uniue with their wooden houses, so small and next to each other. The locals even still wear their colorful style of dress!~

Since that was our first tour, we had to go back to Amsterdam to pick up the next group for phase II.

This time we amde our way to Delft where original Holland Blue Pottery is made. We just had a demonstration and walk through of how they were made. They were pretty pricey, so instead, bev and i just got some ice cream out on the street lol.

When we got back to the bus, bev noticed red bumps on my leg, the more i touched, the more it spread and i have no idea what the heck it is, but its itchy!!!

we then made our way to Hague, the Hague Beach and to the miniature version of Holland at Madurodam. After lots of pictures and hives spreading across my legs, we made our way back to amsterdam.

For dinner we went to the Har Rock Cafe (of course!!), made our way back to our hotel and bought some hash cakes to try lol.. we took our showers relaxed and packed., I went to go blow dry my hair =, and my dryer blew out or my converter did!!grrrr... I am pretty sure it was my converter thoough which means i can no longer blow dry my hair, charge my camera, or my phone! = (

Anyways, bev and i settled down to try our hash cakes. BIG MISTAKE!! So disgusting! After a few bites we were gagging our brains out and spitting all over the floor haha.. I am ready to go to bed now though. My rash is still creeping up my leg, my feet hurt, and my body just hurts in general. Tomorrow morning we are going to the Anne Frank House and then going to the train station for our trip to PARIS!! Goodnight

<3 NIkki

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