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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Hoorn April 9th 2018

The Amalea left Amsterdam this morning heading for Hoorn, in North Holland. The captain promised sunshine, hope he is a better captain than weather forecaster! We cruised across the IJsselmeer, the biggest lake in the Netherlands - used to be the Zuiderzee (South Sea), but was closed in by a man made dyke. Have to admit I was not expecting open water, thought all our cruising would be in canals. Big surprise at breakfast this morning, they have Vegemite! They also print a "newspaper" each day, with American & world news that you can grab from reception, but we had an Australian "newspaper" under our door when we woke up. When we came back to the cabin after lunch there were gits on the bed - a cap and a scarf - new fashion statement onboard. ... read more
Captain supervising!
This is how close they get!
Two boats already there, had to wait for one to leave, then "parked" alongside the other one

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Hoorn June 7th 2014

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD! (we felt like today was a good day to blow some money and do some shopping.) DAY SIX:Today we had organised it so that we could go to the markets on Saturday in Hoorn and do lots of shopping and check out the markets. Hoorn has a very busy vibe about it, and because the markets are only once a week it gets pretty hectic. Oma had her own little shopping list that she took because she doesn't go out into town to often she wanted to take full advantage of being there. Mum was there just to have a look around and i was there for SHOPPING!.. We arrived and parked the car only a couple blocks from the market, so it was a small walk. We had to ... read more
my charming photography.
the market life..
another little bit of happiness..

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Hoorn August 12th 2011

An quick flight from Edinburgh saw us arriving in Amsterdam at 8am. We picked up a hire car and drove to Hoorn. We checked in at our B & B and then met with our friends. They took us into the town and we looked around a funfair. The funfair was something else,the rides were in the middle of the town and some of them looked centimeters from hitting historical looking buildings! The town seemed very friendly and the atmosphere from the fair was welcoming. There was loads of rides and food carts. We had a nice meal with our friends and then they took us to the nearby lake to see a firework show. The fireworks were very good,and the setting was perfect. The fireworks reflected on to the lake. We then returned to our ... read more
hoorn 2

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