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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen July 13th 2014

We returned to Naarden arriving in what felt like a heat wave, having driven for most of the journey in grey skies and rain!! This was followed by a spectacular thunderstorm which Paul managed to sleep his way through. The next day we set off across the Markermeer in the sunshine and with a flat sea to Marken, a little quaint touristy town where we moored on the Binnerhaven, the inner town harbour – for free!! It was a lovely little town which had been very badly damaged in the floods of 1916. All the houses are made of clapboard and on stilts but a long way below sea level. The Ijsselmeer barrier was built in 1932 and since then there have been no tides and no floods, and the end of the fishing industry. We ... read more
Entrance to Marken Harbour
Marken Clog Factory
Marken Harbour

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen October 1st 2013

After being on the hard for a month in Lelystad it was time to take a few days and explore a nearby town located on the opposite side of the IJsselmeer (large freshwater lake created by the dyke). We had a pleasant sail to Enkhuizen with good wind and a beautiful sunny day – what a nice change after being out of the water for so long. Many villages were recommended to us, but in looking at the chart we decided that Enkhuizen would not be too far out of our way. We know that time is going by and we need to get to the coast so we can cross over to the UK before it is winter! Our friends had told us about the marina that they were staying in that was well protected ... read more
One of the Many Traditional Boats
Rough Seas
These People Were Happy

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen May 22nd 2012

Saturday 19th May 2012 We spent the morning on the boat, leaving some of the others to cycle into Amsterdam. As we travelled through the Amsterdam we spent our time getting the blog up to date and generally giving our bodies a rest. On our return to Amsterdam, where we moored close to where we were when we departed, we set off to the Jordaan area which is now considered to be a bit of a yuppee area, once it was a slum. The weather was sunny and mild and we wandered down interesting little shopping streets alive with people and wandered through a market before deciding to head back as our feet had grown weary. We saw people sitting out in the sunshine outside a bar, so decided this was best for tired feet and ... read more
Asian Festival
Stopping at a little cafe

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen August 14th 2011

After another continental breakfast we drove to a village museum called Zuiderzee in Enkhuizen. It was similar to a place called Beamish in the North East of England,although bigger. The surroundings were great and the whole place was well laid out and a lovely place to visit. There were lots of old buildings made to look like they would have in past years. There were many shops and places of work. There was loads to see including a boat building workshop,old house with typical layouts,a cheese shop,a sweet shop,a pharmacy and much more. There was a choir singing stories of the past in Dutch and about the role women played many years ago. The ambiance was delightful and the experience was thoroughly enjoyable. Once we had left the museum we headed to a nearby restaurant where ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen July 9th 2010

Once again, the twins had to get ready for school at 8.30, so we tried to stay out of their way as much as we could. It wasn't hard though because we had got up at about 8. Ben had again planned the day for us, so at half past 9, we left to the Enkhuisen Train Station. When we arrived, I assumed we were going somewhere by train, but Ben walked in the other direction, so we followed him. He told us we were going to the Zuiderzee museum. We had to take a ferry there, so we bought tickets and waited by the ferry stop. Dad looked across at all of the boats in the harbour. The ferry arrived at 10, with no-one else on board but two ferry operators. We got on, and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen July 6th 2010

I woke up and made my way downstairs and helped myself to some museli for breakfast. I could hear the twins from upstairs but when I came down, they were silent and distracted. They were supposed to be getting ready for school. I sat at the table and the twins stopped eating, so Von had to get out a Mickey Mouse clock and show them what time it was, and then they got ready faster. The twins started school at 8.30, and we had to take Fredric to the train station for 9 o'clock, because he had a train back to his uni to do some more study. So we slowly got ready, farewelled the twins and Von, and at quarter to 9, we got in the car and drove to Enkhuisen. We arrived at the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen July 6th 2010

After 8 busy days in 3 big cities, both of us needed a break. We had been going flat out, seeing as much as we could of London, Paris and Amsterdam in the short time we had there. Now that we had met up with Nana, we would slow down, and start the part of the trip where we were with family, meeting people we hadn't met before, or hadn't seen in a long time. No longer did we have to worry about what we would go to do next, because it had all been organized for us. Everyone else was going to church. We had been told the previous night that we didn't have to go because it would have been in Dutch and we wouldn't have understood it. They had left at 8.30 and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen July 4th 2010

Our day started at about 7, with a shower and headed down to breakfast. People were still celebrating from the previous night. Breakfast was a self serve buffet breakfast, with cereal and toast and different types of sandwich fillings and juice on a tap. I had as much as I could because we knew that the more we had the better value for money it was. I probably had 4 or 5 bowls of cereal in the end. We went back upstairs and packed up. Nana packed up her stuff as well. We put all of our washing into a bag to give to Nana because she was going to Andijk before us so she could do the washing before we get there. We had one last look at the canals before heading to the train ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen September 28th 2009

It was Zundag* and we decided to go to Enkhuizen. We rode to central station then caught Mum's second train from central station to Enkhuizen. It took about een* hour on the train until we arrived and the train didn't make a sound. Very different to the trains in Melbourne! When we got there we found out that the town was right on the water. It had hundreds of boats and lots of cute houses that mum loved. Finally we decided to catch a ferry to this outside museum. When we arrived at the museum we found that it was much like Sovereign Hill except it was about the Netherlands. First we arrived at a place where you could make your own rope. So Harry, Sam and I each made our own rope which we could ... read more
Sam making string
us on a bridge in Enkhuizen

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Enkhuizen August 26th 2007

Dag allemaal, Op dit moment is het nog precies 2 weken te gaan. Maar voor het zover is hebben we een leuk en zeer gezellig feestje gehad.Het weer werkte ook zeer goed mee,mooi en warm weer,beetje een windje erbij dat voor de gastvrouw/heer wel goed van pas kwam. Koude Rosé en bier in overvloed om je lichaamstemperatuur een beetje in balans te houden(haha). We vonden het geweldig dat de meeste familie,vrienden en buren er waren,TOPPERTJE!!!! Wij hopen dat iedereen een gezellige middag hebben gehad,wij in iedergeval wel. Rosé,witte wijn en het bier gleden er lekker in,hé buurtjes(hihi). We hopen dat het heeft gesmaakt. We willen jullie nogmaals bedanken voor de leuke,mooie en weloverwogen cadeaus!!! Nu is het aftellen geblazen,we zien elkaar één jaar niet maar we hebben gelukkig de foto's nog(hahaha). Veel liefs, Piërre en Liza ... read more
De 'familie'.

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