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August 2nd 2013
Published: August 2nd 2013
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Lost somewhere in HollandLost somewhere in HollandLost somewhere in Holland

Buying a map of Europe isn't smart, but it was funny
Renting a car and driving the big, the not so big and the very small streets of a country is one of the best way to visit a country, if you can do it with one of your good mates it's magic, in our case, a bit insane, not to say terrifying. This is the tale of two dudes in their mid-twenties driving across Holland. Before you start strolling down, please remember we were in Amsterdam ...and this is more or less the story of what we remember of our time in this beautiful city.

First-of-all, Holland is an amazing country. The countryside is simply stunning. Going around the vast flower field and around the windmills on a bike is an amazing experience. It brought me back in time and remind me of the long bike rides I enjoyed with my parents every Sunday. Amsterdam, the capital, or the big city, or just the tourist trap, or whatever what it is's simply not clear, is not only one of the very best partying spot on earth, but one of the prettiest city in Europe. Amsterdam has it all, from huge five stars museum like the Van Gogh or the Rijksmuseum, history masterpiece like the Anne Frank museum, amazing parks like the Vondelpark (special mention to the great beergarden in it) and natural/human made beauties that the canals are. Amsterdam is simply so much more than drug, sex and stag parties ...but this is certainly part of it.

So there we were, I don't actually know where (things are starting well you are telling me, well, I warn you). We were in a coffee/gas station trying to buy a map; being two guys, we obviously didn't pick the GPS option when the clerk offered it at the airport. Ten minutes after we got in the shop and started arguing on which map to buy someone came to us and asked us in an angry voice why the heck every single American (we are not American) had to get lost on their way to the damn coffeeshop of Amsterdam. We couldn't help ourselves and started laughing and after all the guy wasn't much of a jerk and help us find our way. He told us we only drove about 1h30 in the wrong direction, which is a lot in such a small country ... Anyway, we finally make it to Amsterdam and parked the car next to the Ajax stadium and left it there for four days, Amsterdam is not really made for cars. By the way, we did buy a map, a map of Europe. Stupid choice, I know! Holland, is about three cm big on it, but trust me we had fun showing it to people each time we got lost and we took great picture with it.

This is where we are starting to lose parts of the story. I remember the beers, the DJ, the robot dancing marathon, the long walks along the canals, the girls we met, the girls he loved, the pool games in the red light, the girls in the windows, the homeless football cup, the canal cruise, the beers we drank again and the coffee we took, the cigarettes we roll, the nap in the park, the beers we had in the same park, the Heineken museum and the fun we had. We lived life like someone was taking it away from us in three days. We did excess and visit the coffeeshop. We window shop like we never did before and enjoy every ounce of love Amsterdam gave us back. I enjoy Amsterdam so much, I ate at the hard-rock cafe like a real tourist for the first time of my life. We had wine, it's full of fruits I told myself, it's healthy. I got lost into confusion and the clouds became my best friend. I finally showed off some more robots move between the hostel bar and the DJ and the cat even tried to still my beer.

Hey seriously people, give Amsterdam a shot, you will never regret it. If you are looking for the perfect weekend with your high school pals, Amsterdam's night club, electro scene, coffeeshop and liberal views will be giving you more that you could think of and you might have a nap in a park on your last day and wake up realizing how beautiful and welcoming this city is. On the other hand if you are looking for a romantic weekend, you will find amazing restaurant and cafés by the many canals. You will maybe rent your own boat and have a picnik on it and you will surely spend an afternoon making the boutique and if you are that kind, you can even go to a live sex show

Boat highway
and had some spice to your private life. It was my fifth time in Amsterdam and I still in love with the city. I highly recommend you give yourself the chance to discover what's hiding behind the obvious and maybe let the dutch charm you...

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2nd August 2013

Sounds like you squeezed every ounce of pleasure you could out of Amsterdam...ah, it only one could remember. Glad you boys are out exploring. Keep those blogs coming.
2nd August 2013

Ok...but when was it??
Because next time....I give you Tif and Leslie to babysit for an evening...ok...I'm kidding! And yes...we do blog on the same city the same day...but I do it 8 hours ahead of was fun!
3rd August 2013

Doesn't time fly?
It's a long, long time since I was last in wonderful Amsterdam - but it doesn't seem to have changed one little bit! Your photos brought back some happy memories.

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