I jinxed myself pretty good this time.

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June 16th 2010
Published: June 17th 2010
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I finally made it, silly does not seem like it but I think once I get to to Amsterdam it will sink in just a wee bit more. My departure was sad, saying good bye to Aaron and my dad was hard (Yes I did cry). My mood was lightened when every time I did something like check in, stand in line or go through security there was my dad standing some where taking a picture. I had my seat changed to a window seat which I was excited about but that excitement sure disappeared once I got to my seat though. The first thing I said when we got to the airport was "I hope I don't get seated next to any kids" I jinxed myself right then and there, because i was seated next to a 2 and 3 year olds. They cried and screamed the whole way, plus since I had the window seat they wanted to look out it ALL the time crawling all over me. I got to the point where I pushed them away and there mom got the point to tell them to stop. So in all I might have had 3 hours of sleep on the flig
When I got off the plane I was in follow mode and nothing really kicked in as to where I really was. All that was going through my mind was get your bag, get euro rail ticket confirmed and get on the train to Amsterdam. I was not until I get on the train when I could sit back and breathe that I it finally kicked in that I was in Germany.

I do not have much of a scenery at the moment because there is a big grass hill blocking the view so I hope it goes away soon. Until then I am going to sit back and eat my really salty pretzel and relax for three hours.

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17th June 2010

Heineken Brewery!! Mmmm..
That picture you sent was awesome.. I chuckled then 2 drops of pee came out.. Looks like you're having fun so far.. Wish I was there.. (You forgot your hair brush here..) Did you try any new beers at the brewery? Love you, miss you babe.. - Aaroooon..
18th June 2010

thinging of you
Hi muffin well you fiinally made it wonderful, and now relax and enjoy yourself, will be checking in daily to see where you are. Love you and miss u and thinking about u all the time. Love MOM
18th June 2010

I have a small hair brush with me, No new beers it all Heinkien there, But I did get three free beers num num.
18th June 2010

Always thinking of you.
Hey girly...So glad that you made it and are safe and sound. We are so excited to read all of your blogs!

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