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July 14th 2009
Published: July 14th 2009
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Arrived to Amsterdam without hiccups at around 7:00 am local time. Checked in hostel at 11:00 am. Passed out for 2 hours (it is the time lag, people! not my age). Took a hot shower, and went embracing Amsterdam.

What a cosmopolitan city, it is hard to walk around for 1 minutes without bumping into tourists...well, Amsterdam definitely lives up to its reputation.

First impression of the Dutch kingdom...clean, efficient, courteous, and English is almost like the second language here. I think I will have a great time in this place!

Okay guys, until next time, I am feeling a bit tipsy, I think it is that pint of Strongbow with the old sailor. And there is some strange smell in this cafe emanating from unfamiliar sources....so I am going to get some fresh air and continue my meandering in this famous city.

hasta luego, amigos!

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I think this is the Royal Palace, but I need to verify it.

14th July 2009

Seems like fun!
Hey Eric, Seems like you're off to a great start.... have fun and keep us posted!!
15th July 2009

hey!! ive been checking your post its a wonderful city it seems. me?well im studying a lot here...exams are coming soon, seems today is about to snow...you should see this. Hope you're having a lot of fun. Now you are hours ahead from argentina, before you had to add some hours to your local time...now, backwards lol (crazy world) have nice times there. see you!
15th July 2009

Eric, don't forget, Amsterdam=Red Light district! Also, check out some of the cool museums that they have got - Van Gogh, Heineken etc
15th July 2009

comments omn pics
Hi Eric, Immediately looked at your pics. It sure as hell is the Royal Palace. Amsterdams Prime Pride! "I think its the royal palace but i have to verify'.... my goodness! Anyway.. it is the RP.. and just been refurbished for millions of euros to house the royals and their guests on special occasions. Taxpayers money of course.. but worth it, both family and Palace. Now the are discussing to clean the outisde of the palace...more euros and the risk of it becoming 'too blond' = too light of coulor)...

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