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May 6th 2008
Published: May 27th 2009
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Where do i begin? Lets start with our flight yesterday night. Point blank, 2 hour delay. In the meantime, Bev and I took xanax thinking we were taking off in 20 minutes. Finally around 11:30 pm we took off and made our way to London. Bev and i slept most of the time and seemed to be the only Americans on the flight. When we got to London, our flight to Amsterdam was boarding. Perfect timing if you ask me. Bev sat next to a Netherland boy who was telling us about his trip to New York City and how fat Americans are lol. By the way, he didnt realize we were Americans and thought we were British haha. he really felt bad. Dont worry though, we assured him that his observations are correct, lol we are the fattest country!!

So when we finally arrived in Amsterdam, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We took a taxi who brought us to the Rembrandt Square Hotel. The receptionist said we didnt have a reservation. Mind you, the place was sweet, and i was bragging to bev what a great job i did... until...he said we wanted Rembrandt Square Hotel around the corner haha. After an hour of lugging 50 lbs of luggage around Amsterdam, we finally arrived at Rembrandt Square Hotel, above a smokeshop. lol. The receptionist was a little creepy but helped us out in every way possible. After lugging our bags up steep, skinny, 3 flights of stairs we finally made it to our rooms.

The rooms are simple but extremely clean. The showers were clean and were exactly what we needed after 24 hours of travel. We washed up, went to dinner at a little pub where we didnt know a single bit of dutch, but it was delciious!! Penne pasta with chrimp, garlic, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. it was so good! we also ordered a carafe of Sangria which i drank by myself cuz bev declined!! I caught a buzz!!

After dinner we definately crashed on our beds until the sun finally went down around 9:30 pm...

We woke up and walked around town aimlessly, looking for the Red Light District all night. After asking 3 people we stumbled upon scantily clad women selling themselves from their windows! totally insane! Words couldnt even explain this!

I definately need to say that the red light district is hyped up more than it really is. Althought, i told bev i was going to record nonchalantly as we were walking by the prostitutes. This did not work out to my advantage. AS i was walking by, one of the girls came out of her window and said "stop recording u fucking bitch!" It was sooo funny. So worth it because i have it on video!! lol

After the RLD bev and i wanted to get some drinks at the shop downstairs from our hotel. After at least 20 wrong turns, drug dealers, and sore feet, oh yea and asking directions from 8 different people, we finally made it back to our hotel. Bev and i didnt mean to get drunk but after having jaeger bombs and inhaling 2nd hand marijuana smoke, id say you would feel pretty good. So now, 4 am, drunk, and energetic from my redbulls, its time to call it a night. Tomorrow we have a day tour around Amsterdam leaving at 9am. Missing Justin = (

<3 nikki

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27th May 2009

welcome to my city
you were lucky with that window lady, you should just know how many visitors found their camara - and themselves - back in the canal, these Hot Mommas can be viscious to the max. Hans from Amsterdam.

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