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March 3rd 2008
Published: March 3rd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

So Jon and I are back in Amsterdam until Thursday night when we fly to Phuket in Thailand. We are getting all our equiptment for the race in order and buying last minute items as when we arrive back from Thailand we have only 30 hours until we have to then head off to Paris to get our flight to Morocco.

Today we did our fitness tests and our ECG. (Why so late, you may ask?) but the ECG has to within 30 days of the commencement of the race. So it is now official - I am fit!. I was a bit worried that something would go wrong at this late stage but thankfully it was fine. We did a generally health check (height - I grew 1.5cm since the last time we measured - alternatively we just measured really badly!) , Weight - hmm should not have had that cake last night. Cholesterol, blood tests for Anemia, all my joints and flexibility checked and three ECGs, one at rest, one doing exercise to your maximum heart rate and one after exercise and they were all fine.

I am starting sorting my kit out now so will update on that happiness soon - I hate packing


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